Theatre of Feasts

This year, we’re thinking about the culinary experience in an unconventional way. Designed by Hackney-based studio Ab Rogers Design, our Theatre of Feasts should inspire you to look beyond the status quo and dine a little differently. We’re turning our award-winning chefs into the headlining act just the same as your favorite DJ or musician but instead delivering a performance to 200 diners seated communally. Not unlike a circus big top where food is the star performer, the Theatre of Feasts is inspired by the notion that a structure should be defined by the activities it contains. Diners will become part of the action of the feast by sitting in an unbroken ring of bamboo tables that curl its way around the perimeter of the tent encircling the chefs who take center stage at a bright kitchen island - executing dinner ‘in the round’ for their audience. To get there, cross one of three narrow humpbacked bamboo bridges into a warm, vibrant and intimate social space. Introducing dinner like it has never been done before.