Welcome to
our new home

This year Wonderfruit is moving to a new and bigger home located just next door to our previous one, still within the grounds of Siam Country Club in Pattaya.

Get ready to experience lush venues surrounded by shady coconut plantations, tropical forests, pristine lakes, sandy beaches, and stunning sunsets and sunrises set against mountain vistas.

Making Wonderfruit fit the land
Working with the land rather than against it, we’re using plants, rocks, soil and trees in place of concrete and bricks to create the foundations of our new venues. Developing and nurturing the land to meet our own needs while taking care of the environment, and creating a functioning and self-sufficient ecosystem in the process.
Using what was given to us
Our new land is abundant with natural features that we’ve used as the base of a new ecosystem. Enjoy filtered drinking water from our lakes; escape to our on-site beach for a cool dip; get lost in nature; or join fellow Wonderers and share in the land, light and life that surrounds you at the new Amphitheatre stage.
From plantation to creation
It’s no secret that bamboo has been used as a construction material for thousands of years in Asia. Following in the footsteps of our ancestors, over the past four years we too have extensively used, reused and repurposed 90 tons of locally sourced bamboo to build venues, stages, architectural structures, art installations and vendor kiosks. In years to come we aim to be completely self-dependent by growing and harvesting bamboo at our on-site plantation.