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Wonderers, we have something extraordinary to offer you

The Waldorf Project is evolving.


We’re looking for Wonderers to take part in an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on Sunday night. We’ve decided to make this bigger and better than we planned, so we’re calling for a few more Wonderers to join the project. We also know it’s last minute so we want to make it worth your while. For your effort, you’ll be refunded the price of your Wonderfruit 2018 ticket as well as credited‎ ฿2,000 on your RFID wristband. For you to receive the compensation, we’ll need you from 11am until 3pm on Saturday afternoon, as well as all day Sunday with the performance itself taking place on Sunday evening a 9pm.


These opportunities don’t happen often, join our team in doing something groundbreaking that will stay with you forever.


Let us know how to get in touch with you here.