Here is the definitive guide to everything you need to know about staying at Wonderfruit.

First of all, if you have a ticket, you’re very welcome to bring your own tent and pitch it in our General Camping zone for free. Here you’ll find toilets, showers and refilling stations for your water bottles too. When you arrive, simply find a space and pitch your tent. If, rather than a tent, you’d prefer to bring your RV, all you need to do is book an RV permit and you can park up in the RV Zone, where you’ll find all the amenities, plus electric and water hook ups for your vehicle if you need them. On arrival, RV parking team will guide you to your allocated space.

If you’re looking for something super convenient and luxurious, may we present: Boutique Camping. Head for the dedicated entrance and car park, and check in at reception. Ensure the first member of your party to arrive has a copy of the booking confirmation and they’ll be given the allocated boutique-access wristbands to hand out among tent-mates. From here, settle into your luxury on-site home. The Boutique Camping area has its own toilets, showers and drinking water station for communal use, and all accommodation options are fully furnished with beds, linens and towels. Here are your choices:

For all the fun, luxury and security of campervanning without you having to drive, a Boutique RV awaits you with four single beds, its own toilet and shower plus a fridge, microwave and air conditioning, all for 55,000 baht for all four nights.





Our luxurious Safari Tents are a firm favorite at Wonderfruit. Air conditioned, they’ll keep you and up to 3 friends cool and comfy in their ready-made beds for 42,000 baht for all four nights.





Our Bell Tents come stocked with two double air beds and you can choose between air conditioning (32,000 baht for four nights) or a fan (22,000 baht).

All Safari and Bell Tents have a secure lock box and a power point for the lamp and your phone charger.




For those who prefer to stay in the city and make their way to and from The Fields at their leisure, we have teamed up with a selection of hotel partners, all of which are located in and around Pattaya, about 30 minutes’ drive from Wonderfruit. Find out more and check out our special rates on the Accommodation page.