Check out our Intermission acts at Wonderfruit 2018

We are hugely excited to announce the winners of Intermission 2018. It was an arduous task to narrow it down to just three from such a creative and talented pool of Wonderers, but Abandoned House, Møle the Explosion and Orbital XX really stood out and we can’t wait to welcome them on the Living Stage.


Abandoned House is a folk band from Ayutthaya who play music with the goal of evoking emotions into their audience – whether it be sad, happy or dreamy, they always find a way to get inside your soul. They believe folk music is honest and easy to reach, and with that in mind they have found a perfect home at the Living Stage.


Møle the Explosion is a Bangkok band who gets their name from the idea that they work like underground moles – making music in their holes and waiting for the day when their music will explode to the outside world. Often referred to as nu R&B or minimal soul, their music is an experimental crossover between alternative and soul with minimal vocals.


Orbital XX is an electronic band from Bangkok whose unique music selection has roots in deep house. The synthy sound of this live band blends ambient guitar chords with drum machines and ethereal sounding vocals layered overtop.


Congratulations from the entire team at Wonderfruit and thank you to all the bands who submitted. Keep playing great music and we hope you’ll try again next year.


Live. Love. Wonder.