Field guide for rain survival

Welcome to the tropics, everyone. Don’t worry; if it rains here, it’s usually fleeting and it freshens things up a bit. That said, here are our top tips for finding shelter in The Fields:

For drinks
-Head to Hendrick’s bar “The Unusual Tipple” for delicious gin-based concoctions – the perfect way to cool off as the weather does the same.
-Snuggle up in The Ziggurat with a nice refreshing Singha.
-Or hole up at Knack Market just opposite.

For food and drinks
-Neramit: grab traditional Thai food and yadong-infused cocktails.
-SOT’s food zone is a great covered spot for indulging in some tasty treats and delicious drinks.

For activities
At The Hive, there are loads of arts and crafts and things to make and do, to keep you occupied as we wait for the rain to pass.

For kids
Head to Camp Wonder, where the tents will protect you and the team will keep you happy and occupied.

For admin
Chill out at the Info Tent.
Take care of yourselves, and each other and don’t let the rain dampen your spirits; it’ll soon pass.