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Where did you get your tickets to Wonderfruit 2018?

With Wonderfruit fast approaching, tickets are becoming a hot commodity and are popping up all over the place – in fact, we’ve noticed an influx of tickets being resold this year at a higher price than our official channels. We’d like to remind you that the Wonderfruit website in partnership with Ticketmelon.com is the official channel for tickets. Ticketmelon is the only official third-party ticketing platform for Wonderfruit 2018. The only exception is if you have purchased pre-early bird tickets from Eventpop. No need to worry, these tickets are valid.


Furthermore, it’s important to know that if buying tickets from any other source outside of our website or Ticketmelon, we can’t guarantee their validity and you may not be able to enter the festival. If you have purchased tickets from an unofficial seller, we also need to inform you that Wonderfruit reserves the right to not grant entry and we do not offer refunds or exchange on tickets purchased from them.


If your tickets have been purchased from an unofficial channel, we suggest that you reconcile with the unofficial seller directly and repurchase your ticket through our official channels to guarantee your entry.


We want you to have the best experience possible and having the right ticket is the problem-free way to start your Wonderfruit.


See you in The Fields,

Team Wonderfruit 2018