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Go cashless in The Fields with Bangkok Bank

We’ve teamed up with Bangkok Bank once again to bring back RFID wristbands to give you cashless freedom in The Fields.


You can think of the wristband as your wallet and with it you can pay for everything in The Fields from food and drinks to merchandise. So you won’t have to wait long in queues and you’ll have more time to spend with friends in The Fields.


To add funds to your RFID wristband is easy. Find one of the many Top-Up Stations scattered around The Fields, which are conveniently located near ATMs – stay tuned for hours of operation. We recommend topping up when you arrive so you can enjoy freedom in The Fields. Before leaving the festival grounds for good, be sure to get a full refund for any unused credit at selected Top-Up Stations.


The cashless payment system comes courtesy of Bangkok Bank, which is leading the way in designing technology that is both safe and convenient for now and the future.

Thanks, Bangkok Bank.