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How is Wonderfruit “sustainable”?

7 Oct 2016 | By Wonderfruit

We claim to be a sustainable event; here’s how we back it up.

According to our founder, Pranitan “Pete” Phornprapha in a recent interview, “What makes us distinct in terms of our organizational structure is that sustainability was our starting point and then the fun and activities were curated around that.” He goes on, “I think the real positive changes are made when sustainability initiatives are at the very core of everything, so that they inform the event, rather than the other way around.”

So, how does that work in practice? In what ways is sustainability at the center of Wonderfruit?

In our first two years, we started by making biodegradable, reusable water bottles available for all guests on site and insisting our food vendors use recyclable plates. We and our artists and engineers used natural and recyclable materials in our build, to create lots of the structures and stages you see around The Fields, like The Quarry and 2015’s Sharing Neighbourhood, both of which were built from bamboo. Since we own the land, we can be more proactive in caring for it all year round and also we can have more flexibility. For example, we don’t rely on external water sources, but use a water filtration system, pumped from a natural lake, which is used throughout the site. Meanwhile, we’ve started targeted landscaping so that we can cultivate plants and trees that will be part of the experience, and the Wonderfruit Farm is always being expanded.

Story_Ethos_SustainabilityIn February 2017 we took things a step further in terms of curating content that is directly informed by our ethos. We made a social and artistic statement with a brand new venue – Farm Stage, which was based on traditional ceremonial structures and built entirely of rice from local farmers’ yields. Scratch Talks – our series of seminars – was centered around eco heroes, most of whom came from around the region. We wanted to highlight people doing things with huge impacts and with inspiring stories to tell.

Perhaps most importantly, we offset the event’s carbon emissions by investing in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar. Ultimately, we aspire to be a catalyst for positive change, and will continue to look for creative ways to live sustainably and responsibly and be a net positive influence on the planet. Watch this space.