Wondering what to expect when you’re in The Fields, reveling in the music, the color and the chaos? Here’s a heads up on the types of folks you can bank on seeing:

– Someone dressed in a unicorn jumpsuit; her horn keeps getting in the way when she tries to drink out of a fresh coconut.

– The guy with the GoPro on a selfie stick, enthusiastically documenting everything for his InstaBlog.

– Vegan mom kicking back, sipping a kale juice while the kids get messy foraging on the farm.

– The couple who just met: the magic of Wonderfruit may be having its effect, so if the tent’s a-rockin…

– The lone raver losing his mind over the music in The Quarry; he’s lost all his friends too but he doesn’t care. Don’t bother looking for this guy in the daytime.

– The family from England escaping the cold winter weather; if you see them, remind them to wear sunscreen.

– The yogi; you’ll see her barefoot, rocking the drum circle in Wonder Gardens or saluting the sunrise at Solar Stage, but you’ll hear her first thanks to her jangly jewelry… which she made by hand in the Wonder Salon.

– The foodies raving over the delectable gourmet cuisine served in the Theatre of Feasts while they guzzle down a cheeseburger, local beer in hand.

– The day-trippers just popping in for Sunday. They’ll be decidedly cleaner than the rest of us but perhaps a little less enchanted.

Recognize any of these characters? And who did we miss? Want to join the parade of beautiful misfits and adventure seekers this year? Get your tickets here.