Here’s your handy checklist for all the little essentials you don’t want to be without when you’re in the field.

Wet wipes: the old ‘festival shower’ – it’s always good to have a few refreshing towelettes in your bag to maintain a basic level of cool and clean. Also, with delicious burgers and other handheld grub, you might need them on hand – literally.

Dry shampoo: fully showering and washing your hair takes too long when you’re keen to get out and enjoy yourself, so take the shortcut and keep your locks fresh and bouncy with a little spray-in cleanser

Tissues: useful in case of spillages, allergies, emotional responses to beautiful music and portaloo emergencies.

Your favorite flask: Wonderfruit is plastic-free, so please don’t bring bottles of water. Bring a flask or use our refill cups and top up at the drinking-water stations around site.

SPF: welcome to Thailand; it’s hot here. We know you know how important this is, but just as a gentle reminder, like Baz Luhrmann (and your mom) says: wear sunscreen.

Sunglasses: it’s also sunny in Thailand, you’ll want your shades.

An extra layer: having said that, February is the end of our winter and though that might sound absurd to any visitors coming from cooler climates, temperatures do drop at night out in the countryside, so bring a hoody to throw on after dusk.

Mosquito spray: keep those pesky biters at bay.

Fabulous fancy-dress: Wonderfruit welcomes outlandish outfits, the more colorful and outrageous the better (but remember: wearing culturally insensitive costumes is never cool).

Meanwhile, by the same token, there are a couple of items we would suggest you don’t bring:

Your best clothes: designer couture isn’t the ideal attire for foraging on an organic farm, splashing around in a natural lake or generally enjoying yourself in the great outdoors.

Loads of cash: Wonderfruit is cashless, your admission wristband acts as a virtual wallet and you can top up your credit at any time, so just bring your credit card and once you’ve used it, leave it in one of our secure lockers.

But of course, the most important thing you need is a ticket – got yours yet?