A sanctuary of relaxation on the water

Reaching across our natural lake in welcoming pods of gentle bamboo, the Bath House beckons tired travelers and weary Wonderers to discover a sense of calm amidst the creative chaos of the world outside.

Tranquility, peace, and reflection adorn the organic forms surrounded by still waters and quiet moments. Bathe in an onsen-style environment or plunge into wellness activities within our nearest nature.

Wonder Facts


Bath House is another of the spectacular forms that dot The Fields to come from Ab Rogers and Ab Rogers Design Studio in London. The innovative design house work magically with natural materials, turning bamboo into beautiful organic shapes that are as much a part of nature as they come from it.


We have to hand it to the Japanese, they really understand how to turn the act of bathing into a real unwinding experience. Bath House is our interpretation of the Japanese Onsen. We already had a lake, and the perfect weather for a dip—so all that we needed was a home.


Dip into more detail about the relaxing surrounds of Bath House, and see how this relative newcomer to The Fields made a big splash at its 2018 debut.