An immersive adventure for the whole family.

Little wonders discover a home for exploration at Camp Wonder—the more, the merrier. From workshops to playgrounds and performances by our youngest acts, these colourful spaces create fun-filled days.

Families find hands-on activities to engage mind and soul, connecting to our ethos through childhood wonder. Learn where food comes from, rip down the mud slide, and uncover the secrets of Wonderfruit.


Wonder Facts


Camp Wonder is a capsule of the best parts of Wonderfruit, made family-sized. From our ethos to creative programming, everything that makes the larger festival what it is has been translated into four days of adventure and learning for little Wonderers and their families.


Reconnect with the land and understand the source of all things yummy at our Camp Wonder farm, Little Fields, a space for getting hands dirty and bellies filled. Get stuck in to the bounty of the earth with workshops and activities that introduce young minds to the delicious reality of toil in the soil.


Family activities have always been a highlight of the Wonderfruit program. See how our little wonders have played, explored, and engaged in previous years at Camp Wonder.