A guilt-free karaoke den hidden in a tree.

Find the Cheese Shack and indulge your true self in this hidden bar outfitted in unexpected, upcycled style. Modelled for Tokyo’s underground bars, this is karaoke at the loudest, proudest, Wonderfruit-iest level.

Transform into an after-dark diva or late-night idol, nestle into the funky interior and prepare for guilt-free enjoyment. Belt out a ballad, muster a medley, or unleash an arrangement in a bar made just for you.

Wonder Facts


Cheese Shack is built into a tree. So it’s only fitting that the build brings something back to the tree that gives the shack its mysterious home. The interior walls and surfaces of our favourite little karaoke den are made from used coconut shells—which aren’t just a beautiful repurposed material, but great for acoustics.


Part of Cheese Shack’s indescribable appeal is its obscurity: hidden from sight, behind a tenuous name, in the biggest tree we could find in The Fields. Finding the shack is half the fun, and behind that curtain is a small but perfectly formed crowd of like-minded rockstars and divas ready to get involved in the cheesiest of nights out.