Creature Stage

Mimicking the intricate and fascinating world created in a diorama, Creature Stage presents a playful view of performances meant to evoke awe and harmonize the connection between mind and nature. Stand back, look at the stage and get a glimpse into the eye of the Wonderfruit mind.

You might not know the names, but you’ll want to hear their stories. Talent is carefully picked for the layers in their music and the deeper meaning behind their performance. Unbound by genres, Creature Stage is a place for pure performance appreciation, blending live music, light, design and architecture.

A reimagined space for all things Wonderfruit, in one living place.



Leave behind the ordinary and venture deep into an extraordinary world in The Fields. Surrender to restorative wellness pursuits, discover one-of-kind performances, immerse in expansive art installations and so much more across new structures and reimagined villages in collective effervescence.