Forbidden Fruit

A beautiful boudoir built from timber beckons Wonderers in the mood for dancing, prancing and romancing. The sultry and crimson-lit landing place pushes high-vibe electronics to the tune of takeovers by music collectives and performers from Asia.

The permanent lakeside structure expands outwards, featuring a curvy rippling roofing by MPD Studio and Adam Pollina. Forbidden Fruit welcomes more friends, more connections and more fun by promoting bold statements and unabashed self-expression.

A hedonistic and flamboyant celebration of any genre with a groove



Leave behind the ordinary and venture deep into an extraordinary world in The Fields. Surrender to restorative wellness pursuits, discover one-of-kind performances, immerse in expansive art installations and so much more across new structures and reimagined villages in collective effervescence.

From the Archives

Transport to moments of wonder and awe. Revisit the magic of Wonderfruits gone by embarking on a retrospective journey through sights, sounds and perspective media.