A hedonistic and flamboyant celebration of any genre with a groove.

A beautiful boudoir built from bamboo beckons Wonderers in the mood for dancing, romancing and prancing, and whatever your pleasure, everyone is welcome.

Forbidden Fruit provides a home for musical and artistic takeovers from all over the world, and a platform for bold statements and unashamed self-expression.


Wonder Facts


To build our house of decadence and debauchery, we re-use bamboo from previous years’ venues and create a brand new structural creation. Lined with colourful recycled prayer mats and with a backless DJ booth that lets the jungle creep in, Forbidden Fruit is part of nature, so you can express yours.


Feast your eyes on the fabulousness that makes Forbidden Fruit the go-to dance destination for Wonderfruit’s most colourful characters.