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Slow Down with Erased Tapes 十五

A journey into the language of music in its deepest form. Collaborating with Erased Tapes, an exploratory sonic label, we invite you to go beyond the realms of everyday tunes. The project will explore compositions that encourage deep reflections with our inner and outer spaces.

Unfolding at Creature Stage, a range of experimental artists will guide Wonderers on sonic adventures designed for deep listening. Venture inward to feel the rhythm because sometimes, slowing down and being intensely aware is the way forward.


Immerse yourself in an exploratory world of experiences in The Fields. Discover off-kilter artists, expansive art installations, new wellness activities and more across imaginative new structures.

From the Archives

Watch the evolution of Wonderfruit over the years come to life through a retrospective look at past editions gone by. Immerse in a collection of sights, sounds and perspective media.