A reimagined space for all things Wonderfruit, in one living place.

Step inside our living body. This evolving, natural venue is a concentrated capsule of the Wonderfruit experience in its many forms. The village is a brand new home for music, workshops, food, and experiences in a community atmosphere brimming with life.

Explore a sprawling venue designed by Wonder fam Ab Rogers Design. Discover the colors of Creature Stage with Indorama Ventures. Find your place within the undulating landscape. Reconnect with the elements that make up Wonderfruit.


The Living Village is designed to resemble the senses of the human body. Each sense is represented, offering chances to touch, taste, hear, see and feel in new ways.

Within the ear is Creature Stage with Indorama Ventures, a new performance space incorporating materials derived from recycled plastic. Creature Stage gently amplifies sound into the surrounding village, filling the landscape with music.

Workshops and activities fill the hand. Within shaded fingers, The Concept Lab explores upcycling and recycling with Precious Plastic and Indorama Ventures, and Wonderfruit’s ethos is handed to Wonderers visiting the palm.

A space for taste in a long, communal space. The Ziggurat with Singha stands proudly within the Tongue, serving Singha beer and refreshments and offering the ideal view of Creature Stage beyond.

Creature Stage
with Indorama Ventures

Connected to the Ear of Living Village is a new performance space for Wonderfruit 2019, Creature Stage with Indorama Ventures—both a focal point of the surrounding village, and an expanded expression of Wonderfruit’s sustainable ethos. The stage attracts attention day and night with bright colours and illumination, drawing the eye whether housing a performance or standing by. The structure makes use of plastic fibres produced by Indorama Ventures, in turn created from recycled PET bottles. Bangkok’s residents have been tasked with donating used bottles to our dedicated Wonderfruit collection bins, giving purpose to a waste product usually seen as a problem.

Wonder Facts


Creature Stage is decorated with textiles produced from recycled plastic bottles. Bangkok residents were more deliberate in their disposal of bottles, which Indorama Ventures recycled to make more than 1900m of fabric for the Ab Rogers-designed performance space. A total of 20,000 plastic bottles, nearly 300kg, was processed to make the decorative fabrics.

Philtration and AHA Saloon at Living Village with Stoli

Parked near Creature Stage, this welcoming bar will host guest bartenders from Philtration and Taipei’s AHA Saloon, #24 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars. Find even more sights, sounds, and tastes at Living Village with this international team, and Stoli in the speed rack.