From Bangkok to The Fields: architecture-inspired music and sound art.

BBC 3 DJ and unusual musical connoisseur, Nick Luscombe brings his global project to Thailand, teaming up with sound artists to produce musical interpretations of iconic Bangkok locations.

Erased Tapes producers and local performers will hit Theatre Stage, to give Wonderers an aural tour of some of the city’s most distinct destinations, as Musicity goes live in The Fields.


Wonder Facts


Wonderfruit and Musicity will commission musicians and sound artists to compose original tracks in response to a building, area or urban feature. For the first time, Nick Luscombe is hand-picking the international portion of the line-up for Musicity from a single label: Erased Tapes.


Travel around the world with previous Musicity creations and familiarize yourself with the artists taking part in this groundbreaking project.