Everything you need in your new home base.

Welcome to your place: somewhere to recharge, reinvigorate, and reconnect, tucked under the trees in a lofty bamboo pavilion. Roll in at any hour, link up, make plans or discover hidden surprises.

Neramit is the 24-hour center for everything: live bands and DJs, late nights or lazy mornings, and cocktails crafted from independent spirits by international souls, right in the middle of it all.


ZudRangMa Records

Bangkok’s ZudRangMa records attracts global acclaim as a record store, label, and institution for all things funky, rare, and vinyl. Pick up the pace in our bamboo home base with two nights of ZudRangMa and the full spectrum of Thai sounds: molam, luk thung, disco, funk, and jazz.
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Wonder Facts


Neramit is here for you whenever you need it, 24 hours, day and night. Drop by for brunch, coffee, dinner, cocktails, or some combination of the lot and get yourself involved.


For independent, international spirits in concoctions created by the world’s best mixologists, make your way to the bar at Neramit. Gain a deeper understanding of the top shelf with a foray into the world of all things tipple-able.


Get familiar with everything our bamboo home offers the curious, excited, and inspired by looking back at the Neramit of previous years.