Tasty tunes and warm welcomes at every hour.

Fluffy, simple, perfect—Omelette is the ideal base to add your own flavour. Get comfy in our new space for unexpected combinations, where every passing moment is another extra topping filling your day.

Life is free in this welcoming stage that takes it over-easy. Pour the drinks high and pass the time with a glittering soundtrack of colorful grooves guaranteed to get everyone out of their shell.

Wonder Facts


Omelette was once Hamlet, a small village named for both its wee community and its Shakespearean theatre-in-the-round construction. A new year needs a new configuration, and with it comes an all-new name for this favorite spot. Omelette is comforting no matter the hour, and it can never be over-filled with flavour.


Hendrick’s will be on hand at Omelette’s own bar to slake every thirst and accentuate every interaction with refreshing cocktails and classic mixed drinks. Keep a smile onboard at all times in a bar decorated with wonderment and whimsy, and get the best seat in the house for the evening to come.

The Bamboo Bar at Omelette with Hendrick’s

The #1 bar in Thailand and #8 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars list, The Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental is a jazz and cocktail institution. Bar Manager Jamie Rhind is bringing some friends from around Asia to serve at Omelette, with Hendrick’s at the top of the menu.


Climb up and survey the view from Omelet, and see how this colourful, community structure came to exist in its popular previous form: Hamlet.