Open Kitchen

Resembling a Thai kitchen, Open Kitchen embraces regional styles like cooking on the floor, preparing food in bamboo joints, pounding, simmering and scenting. Discover shared plates, food trays and Thai-style seating, all presented as a rich cultural dining experience.

Designed by Boonserm Premthada, Open Kitchen gives a second life to 30-year-old hardwood timber reclaimed from a nearby tobacco factory. It opens on all four sides to welcome visitors with open arms to stop by for a cultural food encounter and humble dining experience.

An open kitchen that embraces bold flavors and traditional methods


Open Kitchen Program

Step into Open Kitchen and eat with women, aunts and grandmothers who are pillars of their communities in Thailand. Within this welcoming space, they impart their culinary wisdom, crafting age-old recipes and creatively presenting dishes with almost rhythmic care.

All-Day Dining with Pladids

Founded by May, the eldest granddaughter of a family deeply rooted in fishing traditions, Pladids preserves their legacy. Blending natural flavors, May's culinary expertise and cherished childhood memories, Pladid's menu features Thai dishes prepared with freshly caught local fish.

Life's Market by Pa Chan & Friends

A welcoming space and marketplace by Auntie Chan bustling with farmers, producers and consumers where people can gather, explore products from various communities, enjoy food, engage in conversations, participate in workshops and exchange knowledge in a friendly, familial atmosphere.

Yadong Bar

Stocked with a sultry selection of handcrafted spirits infused with native herbs, the beverage menu at the bar inside Open Kitchen celebrates Thailand’s vibrant heritage with every concoction. Wonderers can sip and savor craft cocktails that perfectly capture the essence of sundowners in The Fields.