Perspective-shifting stories to move the mind and stir the soul.

Scratch Talks returns to the Eco Pavilion, where Wonderers gather to hear inspiring speakers from around the world share the ideas they feel most passionate about.

This year, for the theme of Scratch Talks, we return to our original mantra, and each of the tales and speeches will relate, in its unique way, to LIVE, LOVE or WONDER.

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Wonder Facts


In descending grassy circles, the Eco Pavilion provides an intimate platform-in-the-round for Scratch Talks. Here, in a man-made crater, Wonderers can spend enlightening afternoons with inspiring speakers, sheltered from the sunshine by 124 cotton umbrellas, hand-made and hand-painted in Chiang Mai.


Wrap your ears around the topics covered by previous Scratch Talks speakers from diverse backgrounds, and get a look at the evolving platform we’ve provided for their ideas.