The one-year-old Miyawaki forest created with SUGi and Baan Suan Onsorn grows wild and free, enriching biodiversity in The Fields. Through the process of rewilding, we are deepening our relationship with nature and explore further into the immense knowledge and consciousness of plants.

A music program designed with MSCTY_Studio will immerse Wonderers in the sounds of nature. Beyond the spectrum of music, discover conversations between leading garden pioneers alongside plant- and earth-based art and activities that tap into the various languages of the botanical world.

A natural home for functional and medicinal species as well as cultural experiences


Plants create music of environmental tingeing, and by collaborating with humans, their tonalities and aural aesthetics find ways to be heard. Together with MSCTY Studio, we present a humble, wooden space within the Ancestral Forest home to intimate performances that give sentient plants a voice.

Backed by a Mother Tree and her saplings, live aesthete compositions layer over lush soundscapes made with snippets sampled in The Fields, all swirling together gracefully between the trees. Participate in tree planting, workshops, art and activities all meant to deepen our connection to nature.


Leave behind the ordinary and venture deep into an extraordinary world in The Fields. Surrender to restorative wellness pursuits, discover one-of-kind performances, immerse in expansive art installations and so much more across new structures and reimagined villages in collective effervescence.