A fashion destination to satisfy the eclectic and creative.

Step up and step out at an electric space overflowing with wearable details that command a second look. Create outward expressions for your inner self in ensembles assembled by collectors and connoisseurs.

Ethical designers, upcyclers, and fashionistas come together in this glowing beacon of style in The Fields, where the fabulous find favour and the forward-thinkers feel familiar—from vintage charm to future cool.

Wonder Facts


Every year at A Taste Of Wonder, the retailers all come together under a theme. In 2018, the theme was plastics and waste—so the dozens of retailers assembled under the vast stretch tent decked their stalls with bounds of upcycled, recycled, and reinvented accessories and garments to make treasure of another man’s trash.


A Taste Of Wonder is a real fashion destination in The Fields, attracting the most eclectic designers and discerning collectors from all around. More than 90 vendors find their temporary home in the tent, a carefully-curated mélange of local and international designers under the same canvas roof.


See how A Taste Of Wonder has outfitted The Fields since the very first showing of Wonderfruit, and the ways these tastemakers have left their mark on the experience of the festival.