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Wib Wab Wub x Tinder

Connections happen serendipitously in The Fields; all we do is create unique spaces that ignite connecting in a more interesting way. How about a happy hour where you get your face painted?
Tinder is gifting the experience daily between 4pm–5pm at WibWabWub inside Taste of Wonder to give Wonderers a place to hang out, meet new people and, most importantly, spark new connections.

We’ve heard it can be done, but how exactly do you turn a plastic bottle into a t-shirt? Head to Taste of Wonder and drop by UPTOYOU to learn about upcycling anything from PET plastics to pesky stretchy plastic bags into wearables like t-shirts and totes. Wonderers can see firsthand how plastic waste can have a second life and do a little shopping while they’re at it.
And if you find yourself at the gate with a water bottle you picked on your way to The Fields, look for a YOUTURN collection point outside of the entrances and send it off to become something new. Don’t stress about ditching that bottle either; we sell refillable Wonder Cups made from coconut husks for your drinks and have plenty of water stations peppered around the site.

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Watch the evolution of Wonderfruit over the years come to life through a retrospective look at past editions gone by. Immerse in a collection of sights, sounds and perspective media.