The Private Sale is for those who attended Wonderfruit from 2018, bought directly from Ticketmelon, registered with their own email address and opted into our Marketing communications. It’s our way of saying thank you.

The Public Sale is open to the wider community and welcomes first time Wonderers.
The experiences at Wonderfruit are curated with careful thought, intention and love for Wonderers to explore and deepen their connection to mind and nature. To facilitate this, it’s important to anticipate how many people are coming—which means capping tickets. Thus, we’re holding just one Public Sale this year. You can read more about our decision to slow our growth here.
The Pineapple Eyes is a hand-selected group of people who embody and live the Wonderfruit ethos. This group comprises past collaborators, passionate and engaged Wonderers and impact-makers from within our community. It celebrates the diversity of thought, switching like-mindedness for open minds. If you’re meant to be in this group, you would have been contacted already. In the future, we may open access to a broader community, but it will always be intentional and kept to a smaller scale.
We’ll be releasing accommodation information very soon. Keep watch on our channels across socials and web as we’ll be making announcements there.
Yes: tickets for the event and for all camping options are sold separately.
Tickets cover general admission only and do not include accommodations.
Shuttle buses and other transportation options between Pattaya and The Fields will be announced soon.
The General Camping fee covers the costs of facilities within the General Camping zone, including areas like dedicated bathrooms, showers and drinking water refill stations.
There will be no tent provided in General Camping. You will need to bring your own camping gear. The price to access the General Camping zone is THB 1,000 per person for four nights.
There will be no tents available for rent but you can check other accommodation options that might work better for you.
We have a General Camping area available for Wonderers to bring in camping gear but trucks aren't allowed in the area.
You may only set up your tent in the designated General Camping zone and you'll need General Camping wristband to enter that zone. This area has a drinking water stations, toilets, shower facilities and a bar. Please note that Wonderfruit entertainment goes until the early hours of the morning and your camping area may be close to loud music, so earplugs may be handy. Space in the General Camping zone is available on a first-come, first-served basis and will feature new shade this year.
Yes, the showers in all camping zones have hot water.
It isn’t possible to change your accommodation reservation after it’s been booked. We highly recommend checking all details before making the decision.
Boutique Camping is available for all ticket types but you will only have access to The Fields in accordance with your ticket type.
Boutique Tents provide two cozy queen-sized beds with air-conditioning. You will have access to drinking water refill stations, toilets, showers and a bar plus an opportunity to mingle with other Wonderers.
There’s a lock on the Bell Tents so you can secure it. We also have guards in the area. Rest assured, your belongings will be safe in The Fields.
Boutique RV provides one queen bed and two single bunks that can fit up to four pax, but this option is better suited for two parents with two kids to be comfortable—unless you pack light, then four adults could fit. Boutique RVs provide an en-suite toilet, shower, fridge and microwave for the most comfort during your stay in The Fields.
There will be no RV hookups available this year but we have on-site accommodations such as Boutique RV and Bell Tents as well as partner hotels available.
Your unused 2020 ticket is indeed redeemable this year or in 2024. You should be able to view it in your Ticketmelon account, and if you can’t, you should soon. If you can’t locate your Wonderfruit 2020 tickets or log into your account, please contact
Yes, in fact, we encourage you to stay through Sunday and into Monday. The gates close at midday on Monday and we have programming all the way through until then.
We know planning for Wonderfruit is complex, especially for those who come from around the world—but sometimes life happens and you can’t make it. We also want to curb extreme price gouging and all fraudulent tickets that circulated last year. So this year, we introduced Wonder Market, an easy, safe and convenient way to resell tickets at original face value. Launching this July, the market operates on trust and goodwill, and you can make agreements directly with each other to buy authentic tickets that are not-for-profit. We hope this creates more ease around planning for Wonderfruit 2023.
Our ticketing partner, Ticketmelon, is making payments even easier this year.

For local transactions:
installment options, ticket insurance (a service provided by Ticketmelon), Credit/Debit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay), ATM, Bank Counter, Mobile Banking, Counter Service + PromptPay, iBanking, Alipay and Rabbit LINE Pay.

For international transactions:
Please ensure with your card issuer that your card is 3DS-enabled (or OTP-enabled) and is authorized for online purchases
Tickets are non-refundable, and not allowed to be resold or transferred for profit. We will void any ticket that violates this. But you may resell or transfer your ticket in the Wonder Market. Find out more about it here.
We don’t offer Sunday or day passes. To get the most out of Wonderfruit, we suggest getting a Full Pass so you can experience all that we have planned.
Weekend Passes will be available at a later time, but in limited quantities. More on this soon. We hope you can join us for the full event! We plan experiences across five days so Wonderers can really get the most out of the event.

Note: only Full Passes grant you into Wonderfruit on Friday night. And there will be no Sunday Passes this year.
Teen Passes will be launched separately after the Public Sale, and will be at a lower cost than a Full Pass because we want families to attend together easily. They’re great for those aged 13–19, and kids 12 and under go free.
Of course you can bring your best friend. Dogs are allowed with a pre-paid dog pass.
We’re not quite ready to begin accepting applications. But as soon as we open the participation entries, we’ll announce it across our social channels so make sure you’re following them.
Wonderfruit has 24 hours of programming every day. It's not on all stages but there is always something on somewhere. The full schedule will be released on the app later in the year.
Yes, free drinking water stations will be located around the main villages and campsites. Bring your own bottle or buy a Wonder Cup on site.
In 2022, Wonderfruit hosted approximately 25,000 people on site. As we progress into this year, we’re looking at a slight increase in attendance, reaching up to 28,000 attendees.

Our primary focus is not only to ensure the well-being of all Wonderers but to surpass their expectations and that the experience exceeds desires. At the same time, we will diligently organize our operations and optimize our workforce, ensuring manpower is in the right place.
You will soon be able to book Wonder Feasts at Wonder Kitchen and Theatre of Feasts. Keep an eye on our social channels to be the first to know when they go on sale.
We hugely appreciate our community taking the time to share their thoughts with us. We are always listening, and we'll use your feedback to do better this year. You can send your words to It might interest you to read through our plans to improve Wonderfruit 2023. But we must stress that this is a work in progress and we will continue to share more specific updates in the Wonderpost below and across our social channels as we approach live dates and more information becomes available. Read about our plans here:
All ages are welcome; however anyone 12 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian. Guests will be required to show their ID upon request as proof of age at any time for proper drinking age limit verification. All guests under the age of 20 will not be allowed to purchase alcohol and will be required to wear a “Teen” wristband at all times.
We work really hard to curate the most balanced and exploratory collection of sounds for Wonderfruit. Please send your request to our programming team at and if there’s a fit, they’ll get back to you.
Entry for children aged 12 and under is free but they will receive wristbands upon check-in with a parent or guardian. Under 13s trying to enter without an accompanying adult will be turned away.
You can find the location of the site here:
We sure do. Peruse our careers page:
Send your proposal, company details and portfolio to and if there is a good fit, we’ll be in touch.
Here are the gate timings:

Thursday, 14 Dec 2023: 4pm to midnight
Friday, 15 Dec 2023: 8am to midnight
Saturday, 16 Dec 2023: 8am to midnight
Sunday, 17 Dec 2023: 8am to midnight
Monday, 18 Dec 2023: 8am to midday

* These times are subject to change. Keep an eye on our website and social media for any changes.
Send an e-mail to and if there’s synergy, we’ll get back.