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Favorites from The Fields
Our full program is here and sees a sweeping lineup of diverse talent across all our pillars. Explore a selection of not-to-miss feasts, performances, workshops and more.
Feast your heart out
Indulge your palate through a 200-seat alfresco culinary experience by award-winning chefs who will present imaginative menus built around sustainability and delivered as a unique dining affair.
Welcome to Wonder Kitchen
An intimate and interactive chef’s table concept for 20 that highlights the local food cycle and lets diners witness the theatrics that go on behind the kitchen door.
Experience #Wonderfruit2018
Dreaming of a world
free of single-use plastic
The plastic pandemic has overrun our oceans. We’re living in a world plagued by plastic but we’re dreaming of a world without single-use plastic. It’s time to wake up and take action. #PlasticDreams
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Getting ready for
Wonderfruit 2018?
Save on drinks, save the planet
We are always looking for ways to scale back on the waste we create so we're bringing back our limited edition stainless steel cups that are not only better for the planet but will also get you discounts on your drinks, too.
A spotlight on 2018
Explore our full program and find a colorful medley of artists, chefs, healers, thought leaders and more spread across our six pillars.
Live from the WonderPost
Urban beats and grilled meats saw Mercedes me @ SOT win at Wonderfruit 2018
Wonderfruit was without a doubt an entirely novel experience this year - new land, new ideas, and new faces. But what really took even us at Wonderfruit HQ by surprise was Mercedes me @ SOT, which saw a marriage between food and music executed flawlessly in a brand-new space that redefined the role of camps at Wonderfruit. While the camp has been a regular in The Fields for several years now, 2019 saw it reach new heights as far as style, sound, programming and range.     With Peppina, Soul Food Mahankorn, La Monita, Billy’s Smokehouse and Surface all taking up residence at the camp, it became the de facto hub for congregating chefs and Wonderers alike who rubbed shoulders, shared drinks, and were even spotted having a boogie on the dance floor together. Pizzas were served alongside Aperol spritzes, the tacos were Field favorites and the hearty breakfast was not to be missed by anyone still onsite. An under-the-radar friday night feast saw all the chefs come together and roast a pig, with each vendor preparing a part of the pork their own way leaving Mercedes me @ SOT with a reputation being the go-to destination for the best eats in The Fields.     Now cue the music, which all went off in perfect syncopated harmony as an army of DJs and musicians that performed at Mercedes me @ SOT defied expectations and genres to make the camp standout from its electronic music driven counterparts. Veteran DJs C2C stole the show with their legendary performance while premier Canadian DJ Skratch Bastid gave the audience a taste of what Red Bull 3Style is all about. While the vibe was overall hip-hop, all the camp’s artists were impactful in making Mercedes me @ SOT a shining example of diversity in The Fields and just how well the music experience works outside of the clubs.     The magic that unfolded in this small slice of The Fields would not have been possible without Mercedes-Benz, whose collaboration with Wonderfruit brought to life the Mercedes me @ SOT to concept. Their belief in our idea and commitment to seeing it be executed helped make this a top venue this year. We’re now left armed and loaded with ideas and inspiration for 2019 and we can’t wait to see you there.  
Guest Post | Serious fun: Wonderfruit launches ‘out of the box’ business networking event
From Eco-Business – our official media partner – writer Hannah Koh reviews our inaugural Ethos event. She writes:     Music, hedonism and sustainability are regular fare at Wonderfruit, the annual music and lifestyle fest that takes place in Pattaya, Thailand. But organisers want to show they take fun seriously too, with the launch of invite-only business networking event Ethos at the fifth edition of the festival.   The half-day programme took place on 13 December, on a grassy terraced knoll where the event’s 50 attendees sat in the shade of red cotton umbrellas hand-made by local artisans, dubbed the Eco-Pavilion.   Miniwiz founder and chief executive officer Arthur Huang addresses the audience.  It featured presentations, a brainstorming session, a tour of the expansive festival grounds, and lunch by renowned chefs “Bo” Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones from Michelin-starred restaurant Bo.lan and Netflix’s Chef’s Table fame.   Speaking to Eco-Business, Ethos organiser Sara Soulier said the aim was to make Wonderfruit a rallying point for responsible business and organisations to come together to find solutions and drive positive environmental change in the face of the “gloom and doom cast in the state of the environment and world today”.   Wonderfruit founder Pete Phornprapha elaborated that Ethos is how Wonderfruit wants to engage with its partners. “We believe in the collective power to create change and Ethos’ intention is to engage more closely with our stakeholders to create bold, creative and impactful ideas to come to life.”   The turn-out included representatives from festival sponsors including alcoholic beverage maker Singha, as well as corporates, artists, and representatives from non-governmental organisations and media, many of whom were attending Wonderfruit for the first time.   While a business networking event and a festival seem like an unlikely match, Wonderfruit is the “one of the most natural places” to convene and discuss sustainability, said Soulier, who is the project lead for Plastic Pollution Coalition, a partner to Wonderfruit.   A sustainable lunch being prepared by Bo.lan chef Dylan Jones (centre).     Attendees at Ethos 2018 sit down for a brainstorming session.   “If we want people to think outside of the box [to solve the world’s sustainability problems], we actually need to get them outside of the box,” she said. “People want to be inspired and experience what is possible. Not only does Wonderfruit provide a physical space for this exploration, it also connects business leaders to a community of innovators and change-makers who are at the forefront of sustainable development.”   Attendees heard from Arthur Huang, a National Geographic Explorer and founder and chief executive officer of Miniwiz, a Taiwanese company that has made headlines for circular economy design and solutions, about his vision for recycling. The presentation by David Galipeau, chief impact officer, Asia Pacific, United Nations Development Program’s SDG Impact Finance, talked about the intersection of global megatrends and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the impact for Thailand and Asia.   Soulier said that Ethos marked the start of Wonderfruit’s engagement with the business community, and the team is in discussions to hold two more events in the year ahead. This includes workshops on the SDGs or strategic sessions to develop sustainable solutions that can be showcased at Ethos in 2019.   “This was only the launch of Ethos as an event at the festival, but we do not see it as a one-off event only linked to festival dates,” she added. “Rather, we seek to create a continuum of work and convening as an evolution of growth that extends beyond the annual festival model.”   The Eco-Pavilion at Wonderfruit 2018, featuring striking red and pink umbrellas made by local artisans.   Check out the original article here on Eco-Business.
Wondrous Facts About Wonderfruit 2018
Wonderfruit is as beautiful on the inside as it is the outside. There are so many layers to the concept and bits of information that people don’t hear about. Here are a few special things to know about this year:   THE WORLD'S LARGEST EXPERIMENT IN EMPATHY ENGINEERING Over the course of 28 minutes during Sunday night’s grand finale at 9pm, The Fields will go dark as the world’s largest experiment in empathy engineering unfolds at the Living Stage. Details surrounding FUTURO - X have been intentionally left shrouded in mystery and the only way to find out what it’s all about is to join us as we attempt to discover if empathy can be engineered.   THE FIRST-EVER HEMP STAGE This year’s Living Stage is the first-ever stage to be constructed from hemp. The towering structure uses five tonnes of bundled hemp branches and is a minimalist monument in eco-design. Dreamed up by Adam Pollina, he experimented with the material for some time before building up our main stage, which stands tall at nearly 15-meters and twice that in width. Headliners playing the stage this year include Goldie & The Ensemble, Nightmares on Wax (Live), Huun Huur Tu and Carmen Rizzo and Job2Do.   THE STRATEGIC POSITIONING OF THE SOLAR STAGE  The Solar Stage returns to The Fields for its fourth year but in a new form. Not only has it been reassembled in a new formation, but it has also been designed and positioned strategically to be line with both sunrise and sunset. Not-to-miss moments at Solar Stage include sunset with MEUTE on Saturday and sunrise with Craig Richards and friends on Monday.   SUSTAINABLY STRONG ACROSS THE FIELDS Sustainability is the foundation upon which Wonderfruit is built and that mantra runs strong throughout The Fields. The site utilized more than 50,000 bamboo poles in various sizes in its construction this year and even things like plates, cups, and cutlery are made up of materials like cassava and sugarcane.    
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