At Wonderfruit, our ethos is to encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them.

Reimagining Wonderfruit as a pop-up city


Let's re-think the way a society functions, from its waste management, water, transportation and logistics to energy, food, human interactions to social experiments. By designing a city with these elements in mind, we can re-engineer traditional practices to create a world we want to see.

Live. Love. Wonder.


Over the past five years, we’ve built a celebration of sustainability on six pillars: Art & Architecture, Farm to Feasts, Music, Family, Talks & Workshops and Wellness. This year, we continue to curate experiences that bring our global community together.

2019 Highlights
A celebration of the creative energy radiating out of the Southeast Asian diaspora, and hopefully, a glimpse into a new way of living.
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From the Wonderpost
13 February 2020
Sustainability at Wonderfruit 2019—How Did We Do?
It’s the basis of everything we do at Wonderfruit. The reason Wonderfruit appeared into existence all those years ago. And a great way to challenge creative characters to make a positive impact on the world.   it’s sustainability.     Each year, we set ourselves some pretty serious sustainability goals. We encourage ourselves and our community to think about the ways we use resources, source materials, and handle waste. It’s not always glamorous, or as obvious as the more memorable parts of The Fields, but without it our beautiful pop-up city would be a wasteland.   For 2019, our main public goals were split into three types: carbon emissions, landfill, and food waste. We were aiming to remain carbon negative, meaning we absorb more carbon emissions than we produce; we strived to divert 100% of all waste from landfill, finding new ways to use our waste; we wanted to discourage food going to waste, by educating all Wonderers on the impact of food.   So, how did we do? Or, more accurately, how did you do?   Thanks to your voluntary carbon calculator donations, more than 1,000 Tons of CO2, generated by your travel to Wonderfruit, will be offset. Because of this, we will end up offsetting more than we generated for the second year in a row—meaning Wonderfruit has a net positive effect on the atmosphere. We’ll have the final emissions figures later in the year, after an independent audit by TGO.    Just by drinking, you saved 954kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. We partnered with EcoSpirits to reduce the number of glass bottles shipped, stored, and supplied in the fields. By refilling bottles to the bars, 1,908 fewer bottles were used.   You diverted 95.4% of all your waste from landfill. By composting all the food waste and packaging on-site, sending all the recyclables to be recycled, flattening the water boxes and transforming them into roof tiles, and turning everything else into resource-derived fuel for cement kilns, less than 5% of all the waste ended up being landfilled. It wasn’t 100%, but we’re pretty pleased with the result.   You used 200,000 fewer single-use cups. And you brought some beautiful alternatives for refill cups to replace the dreaded disposables. All it took was an all-out ban on single-use cups to keep them out of the bins. Easy.   48% of all your waste was recycled. The bulk of the remaining waste was food and packaging. If that doesn’t seem exciting or notable, you should know this: less than 20% of Thailand’s overall waste in the whole country makes it to the recycling plant. You did really well, here.   All liquid waste was stored, transported, and treated. Nothing went down the drain until it had been through a water treatment plant.    100% of all food waste was composted in The Fields, which not only reduced the amount of carbon required to transport the waste away, but also helps nourish our soil for a more bountiful harvest in 2020. Plates, bowls, chopsticks, napkins, and cutlery met the same organic fate.   We aren’t perfect, and there is a lot left to do—but for now, every Wonderer should feel as proud as we do about these achievements.   Go deep on all the data by clicking here.
7 February 2020
See the Sounds of the City with Musicity x Bangkok
If you go down to Bangkok’s Old Town today, you’re sure of a big surprise.   But it won’t quite feel like a nursery rhyme.   The mesmerizing, transformative soundscapes created as part of Musicity x Bangkok (x Wonderfruit) have returned from their onstage outing to The Fields, and found their way back to the spaces for which they were composed.   Sound artists and producers from Erased Tapes were introduced to iconic Bangkok landmarks in December, joined by local Thai musicians, and tasked with creating original compositions based on sounds captured at each space. Over two weeks, locals and internationals alike reconstructed the sonic landscape of the city, then debuted their work to an adoring crowd of Wonderers live at Wonderfruit.   Hatis Noit (Japan, Erased Tapes), Daniel Brandt (Germany, Erased Tapes), Nannue Tipitier (Thailand, Independent), Rival Consoles (United Kingdom, Erased Tapes), Supergoods (Thailand, Tomato Love), Midori Hirano (Japan, Noble Label), and Douglas Dare (United Kingdom, Erased Tapes) each pounded the pavements of Bangkok’s historic precincts to bring the sense of the setting to the stage. And now, visitors to the capital can do the same.     How To Experience Musicity x Bangkok     Hail a tuk tuk, hop on a bike, or don your walking shoes for a tour of the old town with an extra dimension.   The only way to unlock the music is to visit the sites. Pack a pair of headphones and make your way to each of the spaces, open the Musicity website, and enjoy the way each artist heard the location.      Once you’ve visited each geotagged location, you can download the tracks or stream them online as often as you like. Trust us, it will be often.
26 December 2019
Wonderphoto Competition: Share Your Photos and Win Wonderfruit 2020 Passes
We want to see your images, and share in your experiences, of Wonderfruit. And as a reward, we'll give you one of three Full Passes to Wonderfruit 2020, which we are already preparing for. Too soon? Never too soon.   To enter our Wonderphoto Competition, share an image on instagram that encapsulates one of the three expressions of Wonderfruit: Live. Love. Wonder. Use the hashtag #LiveLoveWonder so we can find it, and make sure you share your image before 12pm on Monday 6 Jan.   Live. Love. Wonder. is the expression of Wonderfruit. It's like a slogan, but we really try to add it to everything we do. Each term is a central part of Wonderfruit, and they're open ideas. We want you to show us your version of each, while experiencing Wonderfruit. Watch our Instagram for some interpretations of how to show Live. Love. and Wonder. at Wonderfruit.   We will choose one winner for each expression, and each winner will receive a Full Pass to Wonderfruit 2020, on us.   Images must be available as hi-res photos, not just on Instagram. We'll ask for the hi-res version if we select you as a finalist. Entries close 12pm Monday 13 Jan. Winners announced 12pm Wednesday 15 Jan.   Get sharing, and show us how you Live. Love. Wonder.
22 December 2019
Wonderfruit 2020 Pre-Early Bird Sale
It's time for a 48-hour Pre-Early Bird Sale on Wonderfruit 2020 Passes. What a mouthful.   Buy your tickets here.   This is the best price you will get on Full Passes to Wonderfruit in December 2020. Don't wait around making plans, commit to the wonder at the end of next year and lock in your four days and nights with us.   Each ticket purchased at the Pre-Early Bird price of 4,900 THB includes a 500 THB donation to Mae Fah Luang Foundation's reforestation efforts in the North of Thailand, to offset the average amount of carbon emissions generated by a trip to Wonderfruit.   It's also that time of year... a Wonderfruit 2020 Pass is the perfect gift of wonder.
19 December 2019
FAQs in the Aftermath
Well, Wonderfruit is done for another year. We are all floating in that same post-Wonderfruit feeling, and it can be hard to look down at the hard ground and accept that it’s all over.   You have questions, and we hear you. From how to get your stuff back, to what to do next, and how you can get back to Wonderfruit, we have the details for you.   Q: Where can I get merchandise? A: We are working on it. Some of you were so busy enjoying yourselves in The Fields that you missed your chance to snag a souvenir along the way. If you left empty-handed, watch this space. We want you to get your wonderful wee hands on Wonderfruit gear.   Q: Can I get a refund on my cashless top-ups? A: Cashless refunds are only able to be issued in person, on-site, during the festival. We just don’t have the facilities to issue refunds after the fact.    Q: I lost my (insert precious items here), how can I get it back? A: We know that feeling. You lost your wallet, keys, phone, mind, dignity… We received a lot of lost items, handed in to our Lost and Found station by honest Wonderers throughout the festival. If you got home and realised you were missing something, email with a description of the item, your full name, phone number, and the last place you remember seeing it. We will do everything we can to connect you with your lost loved things.   Q: Can we do it all again? A: Yes, yes, and yes. We are doing this all again in December 2020. Lock down your calendar right now, and buy your 2020 Full Passes at the exclusive, discounted price of 4,900 THB during our limited Pre-Early Bird sale. The sale lasts for 48 hours, from midday Sunday 22nd December to midday Tuesday 24th December. Don’t sleep on this sale, you won’t get a better price on Wonderfruit 2020 passes.   Q: Can I share some feedback? A: If it’s good, sure! But in all seriousness, if there’s anything you want to tell us about your experience at Wonderfruit 2019 we always want to hear it. Email us and include as much detail as you can, so we know what we can work on.   If you have any more questions, drop us a line at and we will get back to you just as soon as we can. Please keep your questions to things that we didn’t answer above, or we might take a little longer responding.
15 December 2019
Your Sunday Highlights
Are you still feeling it? We definitely are. The world never stops spinning for wonder, and you made that perfectly clear with your energy and presence in The Fields on Saturday. And how good was Acid Pauli over sunrise at Solar Stage?   It’s nearly the end of our sweet time together. Make the most of the days you have left at Wonderfruit by throwing yourself headlong into Sunday.   If you haven’t been to Wonderfruit yet this weekend, don’t forget to pre-register your ticket to save time at the gate. Also—where have you been? If you don’t have a ticket, just head to the Box Office when you get here and pick up a Sunday Pass.   What’s on   Start your day right with a trip to one (or more) of our delicious, diverse food vendors here at Wonderfruit. Each stall is its own temporary kitchen, popping up for the same amount of time as we all share here together. How about a breakfast burrito with a side of congee and an extra order of krapow with an açai bowl for good measure?   Well fed, it’s time to explore. If you have little wonders in tow, take them to Little Fields at Camp Wonder for a real, hands-on experience of life on the farm. Our Chicken Coop and workshop brings kids up close and personal with the source of one of Thailand’s culinary mainstays: the egg. You can join the feathers and fun at 10am, or at 3pm.   Stay in the neighbourhood for a very special, very Thai treat for the senses: Yam Khang Fire Therapy. The traditional Northern-style massage practise uses local herbs, ancient remedies, feet, and fire to rejuvenate and revitalize weary limbs and souls. You’ve never had a sizzle like this before. Try the 1pm session.   Catch Naj Frusciante’s surefire selections at Ziggurat with Singha, and set the tone for the day to come. As they say, start as you wish to continue. You can’t start much better than this. She’ll be serving up the smorgasbord of songs from 2pm.   If these suggestions are already spinning you into a sense of panic, get busy doing nothing. House of Doing Nothing has a hammock with your name on it, all you need to do is show up ready to do absolutely nothing.   On the way, look out for the sounds and sights of The Bangkok Voices’ Roaming Chorus—they’ll be popping up where you least expect with renditions of some of your favorites, and new classics.   We have all seen the state of our oceans, national parks, and otherwise-untouched spaces at the hands of plastic pollution. Join three leading voices from across the spectrum of plastic production, recycling, clean-up, and reduction at Eco Pavilion for The Great Plastic Debate Panel. The discussion is chaired by Stephanie Dickson (from Green Is The New Black), and they’ll get underway at 5:20pm.   Watch the sun slip from the sky in Polygon Live, as Be Svendsen & Viken Arman (Live) combine their astute production and selection prowess for a special collaborative set from 6:30pm. These are unmissable elements of the Wonderfruit calendar, set an alarm if you need to.   Experience the dynamic, specialized talent of Chris The Pianist at Creature Stage, filling Living Village with his masterful, highly contrasted, and sharply characterized piano. Make your way to the bright and colorful Creature Stage from 6:30pm and settle in for a sundowner with extra keys.   Discover the merge of grime and jazz when London’s own Alfa Mist steps up for a live performance at Theatre Stage, against the backdrop of our beautiful landscape. Take a seat in our natural amphitheatre and wait for 7pm, when he takes to the stage.   Get acquainted with Brooklyn’s Dillon Cooper at SOT at 9pm. The multi-faceted entertainer brings his high-energy beats and lyrical honesty to the big block party in The Fields. If you haven't managed to visit SOT yet—one, why not? and two, you're in for a treat. This urban playground in The Fields is home to the best of food, drinks, sounds, and experiences from the downtown. You'll find Rad Meats hot dogs, Peppina pizzas, Haoma vegan treats, Stoli's pop-up vodka bar, and Monkey Shoulder with Pussyfoot Saloon.   Hear a set from the unbeatable, incomparable Four Tet at Solar Stage from 10:30pm. We would love to say more about this performance, but where would we even begin? Go and see what we mean for yourself.   When the sun has shown its glistening face once again, be sure to spend the magic hour wisely—by sticking around for a blistering back-to-back set from Camion Bazar and La Mamie's. They’ll keep Wonderfruit going long into the day.   As with every day of wonder here in The Fields, there’s so much more to be seen and experienced than what we can put on a page. Download the Wonderfruit App for the latest updates, and the full lineup.
14 December 2019
Your Saturday Highlights
There are no words. From sunrise to sunrise, you came in waves of joy, positivity, and wonderment to be part of something we all share: Wonderfruit. You made Friday a day (and night) to remember forever.   But now, the weekend is here. We’re ready to turn it up way beyond eleven—and make this the Saturday of our Wonderfruit dreams.   Won’t you join us?   Before you get to Wonderfruit, don’t forget to pre-register your ticket to save time at the gate. If you don’t yet have a ticket, just head to the Box Office when you get here for a Weekend Pass or Sunday Pass. You can also book General Camping passes while you are at it.   What’s on   Start the day right, with a special lunch prepared and presented by three leading female chefs in Thailand—gathered in one place to share family recipes and edible nostalgia. “Grandma’s Lunch” by chefs Aoom, Beer, and Tanya can be found in the cozy surrounds of our Theatre of Feasts from midday. There are a few spaces left for the one-off collab, if you arrive before 12.   Feasted and fabulous, it’s time to flex those creative chops and try your hand at Life Drawing by Untitled. Sketch the human form in all its beauty, and share your masterpiece. There are sessions all day, find your time to shine.    Here’s the scoop. Häagen-Dazs is in The Fields, and they’re giving out free ice cream to any Wonderers in need of delicious, ice-cold refreshments. Visit the Häagen-Dazs stores (between 14:00 and 16:00) for your free scoop.   Hear an inspiring tale for a difficult topic when Maia Mousher presents her Scratch Talk at 16:40. The director of Urban Light Thailand protects and rescues a vulnerable group in the trafficking world: young boys. She’s speaking at Eco Pavilion.   Create worth from waste at Concept Lab by Indorama Ventures with Precious Plastic. This is not your ordinary recycling center. You can find it in the hand of Living Village.    Stay in the hand for ReLove, ReWonder by Fashion Revolution Thailand—a workshop to discover the true source of our clothes and ways to stretch out the life of these wearable resources.    Hear a sonic interpretation of Bangkok’s iconic old town spaces when Douglas Dare shares his Musicity project live on Theatre Stage at 17:30.    Get acquainted with the sounds of local heroes The Richman Toy, onstage at Creature Stage at 19:00. This playful five piece are and widely-celebrated in Thailand—responsible for countless sing-alongs in the country.   Listen carefully to Massive Attack’s Daddy G, as he shares his refined and experienced selections at Solar Stage 19:15, the final performance for sunset.   Discover what it takes to be the best behind the decks with a showcase of the world's finest turntablists from Red Bull 3Style at SOT. While you're at it, swing by the Stoli pop-up bar at SOT for a mug of the goods, or make your way to the Monkey Shoulder bar for some dance inspiration.   Make your way to Molam Bus and hear the vocal precision of a musical icon, Chalermphol Malakhan, as he warms bodies and hearts with his Molam classics and upcountry party standards from 20:30.   Observe in awe as Unnamedminor winds, binds, and ties her willing, submissive model in a live Shibari Performance at Neramit. The Japanese rope bondage is an expression of trust, intimacy, and dominance between rigger and ‘bunny’. The ropes swing at 21:45.   Big boss of Ed Banger Records Busy P, AKA Pedro Winter, joins his labelmates at Forbidden Fruit as part of the Ed Banger Records Takeover tonight. There’ll be a medley of all the Ed Banger artists at 04:00, in case you missed any throughout the earlier sets.    Daniel Merlot’s House of the Unholy Ritual will finally be revealed at Neramit at the strike of midnight. Emiko Shibamura, Japan’s favorite 65-year-old rapper, will perform alongside dancers, performers, and who knows what else...   Stretch your night out until it’s not night anymore with a Solar Stage sunrise set by the one and only Acid Pauli. If you didn’t make it to sunrise yesterday, this is the one to catch.   Weekend Passes are still available at the gate today. We’ll see you so, so soon.
13 December 2019
Your Friday Highlights
The end of the week has finally arrived, and we are ready to rush things up a notch (or twelve). Thanks to a crowd of eager Wonderers ready to explore all Thursday long, The Fields are now all warmed up and ready to embrace you all on Friday.   Before you get to Wonderfruit, don’t forget to pre-register your ticket to save time at the gate. If you don’t yet have a ticket, just head to the Box Office when you get here for a Full Pass, Weekend Pass, or Sunday Pass.   Once you’re back inside The Fields, you’ll be looking for some spiritual and physical guidance through the world of wonder that awaits. We’ve got some ideas for your Friday:   If you were here yesterday—how are you feeling? Start Friday right, go straight to the vitamin genies at IV LYFE and replenish what was depleted from the inside out.   Make your leisurely way to the shady, breezy Neramit for the Neramit Brunch Club with Hillpop and Casa Lapin. Sparkling cold brew coffee, cocktails, and day-long comfort food are just what your mid-afternoon needs.   Thailand Smart Farmers have a functioning vegetable patch in The Fields, surrounded by Thai food vendors drawing their deliciousness straight from the land. It’s worth a visit for street-style eats and that country air we kinda like.   You’ve had your fill, so let’s explore.   What’s on   Visit Camp Edible for a fermentation workshop with new friends. Blackitch Artisan Kitchen’s chef Black leads a hands-on session for all things fizzy, tangy, and probiotic from 13:00.   Be inspired by a Scratch Talk from Divyanshu Ganatra—the Blind Adventurer—at Eco Pavilion at 16:00.   Feel connected to the weekend with an opening ceremony starring rhythms from Tiger Drum Thailand, fire displays by Samui Circus Studio, and a puppet show with Bigger Monsters, at sunset in the iconic surrounds of Solar Stage.   Release your inner anger at the cellular level with Rajen Palsingh’s Relieving Inner Anger session at Wonderness. Prepare for a wash of emotions. The scream sesh starts at 18:00.   Get. Wild. Forbidden Fruit’s first takeover for the weekend is coming to the bamboo boudoir from 19:30. Join the Go Grrrls Crew for a high-energy and high-positivity night of sweaty, steamy squads.   Theatre Stage comes alive against the backdrop of our lake when iconic Jamaican multi-instrumentalist Brushy One String performs live from 21:30.   Sarathy Korwar christens our newest stage, Creature Stage, at 19:30. The stage is decorated with fabric spun from recycled PET bottles, collected from the residents of Bangkok. It’s bright, it’s beautiful, and it’s the perfect backdrop for the jazz drumming and sweet melodies. Find a spot near the Stoli Bar at Living Village, and sip something stronger while you soak up the sounds.   Make your way (way) down to The Quarry for the first night of Collisions, a curation of world-class DJs by Craig Richards. This year, we’re doing things differently. The DJs will see you, but you won’t see them. It’s about the music, not who’s delivering it. Tonight, you’ll find Willow, Binh, and Bobby.. But not in that order.   End the whole experience with a sunrise performance by Floating Points, filling Solar Stage with his distinctive body-moving sounds.   Get your ticket, and get here. There's more to see than we can even describe.
12 December 2019
Your Thursday Highlights
Welcome to Wonderfruit. The gates are now open, and we are so excited to have you here with us. Get ready for your first day of art, music, food and ideas in The Fields—it’s going to be a doozy.   If you haven’t already booked your ticket, head to the Box Office when you arrive and get yourself into the action with a Full Pass, Weekend Pass, or Sunday Pass.   Don’t forget your cup. You’ll need it. If you’ve pre-purchased a Wondercup online, head to our Merchandise Stores or the reception at Boutique Camping to collect your cup.   There is so much waiting for you on this Thursday night. We can barely contain our excitement. Let’s start you off with a little sample of what’s to come in our more than 30 venues at Wonderfruit:   Forbidden Fruit, everyone’s favorite space for hedonistic flamboyance has had a facelift. The new design is complemented by the latest, spatial Pioneer sound system shipped direct from Japan.   Omelette is a cheesy dream that lasts all night, serving up Hendrick’s Gin cocktails and a curation of dancefloor-approved electronic sounds.   Neramit is open 24 hours for independent spirits and international tunes. Think of it as a home base for every Wonderer exploring The Fields, but with better booze.   SOT brings the big block party vibe together with food by Rad Meats, Peppina, and Haoma, and drinks from Monkey Shoulder. Kick it.   Wonderness is a sacred place for healing, wellness, fitness, and the spirit. This year it’s broken into elemental zones with activities to represent earth, air, fire, and water.   Polygon Live is back and it’s already looking even more immersive than ever before. Step inside the dome any night until 5am to feel what 360º, 3D sound and lights can be.   What’s on   Kick off your experience with the official opening ceremony, filling Wonderness with sounds and energy courtesy of Tiger Drum Thailand from 17:30.    Witness Sounds of the Naga Cave and see how this repurposed plastic structure bridges East and West through sound, ritual, and alchemy.   Find out what over a kilometer of lights and full-surround speakers can do when French visual creators Visual System release their Opium light show at Poygon Live. Get as close to the center as you can, and watch the show unfold from 20:20 – 20:30   Meet up at Omelette for a set from Rocco Universal at 20:00, and limber up those limbs with an eclectic selection from one of Bangkok’s best-travelled DJs.   Get familiar with the warm inner sanctum of Forbidden Fruit and experience a back to back DJ performance by Katsu and Emel Rowe, throwing inspiration back and forth to create a soundtrack for your untethered groove.   Step inside Neramit for a special set from Wonderfruit alumnus and fabric club London resident Craig Richards from 22:00.   Or head back to the sparkling, beaming dome of Polygon Live (just up the slope) for a live performance by Barcelona’s Miret.   Get down to SOT for DJ TOB, opening the floor for the weekend ahead and keeping things as Thonglor as they could be. He’s on from 23:00.   There’s so, so much more to see, hear, feel, and experience in The Fields this weekend. Download our app for the full schedule and plan your Wonderfruit your way.   If you aren’t here, you can be. Pick up a pass at the gates and come wonder with us.
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