The Circle
with Jameson

Whiskey, the Wonderfruit way

Follow a pointed roof jutting out of the jungle to discover a tapestry of lights at The Circle, Jameson’s long whiskey bar and listening room where friends can unwind to a private collection of rare vinyl played on a Hi-Fi sound system. Stepping away from the usual seriousness of whiskey culture, here the atmosphere is jovial thanks to a series of fun lawn games.

A spirit imbued with
culture…and fun

Drawing inspiration from traditional Thai architecture, the vernacular of this handsome structure is built with the vanity of vintage appeal using sustainable materials that nod to old-world aesthetics

Drop by for a drink, taste some whiskey, and while you’re at it, get your beard tamed while kicking back in a barber chair—a distinct experience imparted by Jameson, all done up the Wonderfruit way.

About Jameson

Jameson is Ireland's much loved whiskey blend. The triple distilled blend of traditional Irish pot still and fine grain whiskeys are carefully matured in specially selected casks to ensure that each bottle has our signature taste. The culture around the whiskey is what attracts us to them, and its balanced and smooth character is why we want them in The Fields. Together we look to capture moments of conviviality at The Circle.