16 October 2019
No Single-use Cups at Wonderfruit
The most popular item that ends up in our waste each year is cups. Single-use cups. So our solution is simple: no single-use cups at Wonderfruit. This time, you'll need to bring yo…
16 October 2019
Make Room for Eats
The pillars that comprise the Wonderfruit program are the most impactful ways we can express our ethos, and each is given as much emphasis as the other. As a quick reminder, our pi…
15 August 2019
Our ethos: what we believe and how we live it
“We encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them. We use our platform to catalyze creativity an…
2 May 2019
Wonderfruit Tickets 101
Hey Wonderers, here's a handy heads up on all the tickets types and phases coming up for Wonderfruit 2019.   From Phase 1 onwards, you can grab a Full Pass for all four…
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