Food & Beverage
We’re looking for flavor architects from cafés, pop-up restaurants, food trucks and street food stalls who challenge convention in favor of the extraordinary, the unusual and the nourishing.
Fashion & Retail
We’re looking for one-of-a-kind wonders and sustainable treasures that tell a story and stir the soul. Whether fashionable, functional or decorative, we welcome diverse artisanal creations for our on-site market village.
In the spirit of sharing wisdom, we invite you to lend your passion a purpose. We seek artistic crafts, cultural activities and specialized techniques that contribute to the vibrant and diverse cultural tapestry at Wonderfruit.
Installation Art
If you have an installation concept that harmonizes with our shared vision of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and the celebration of positive living, whether it be performative, musical or mechanical, we invite you to share your dreams with us.
Performance Art
We welcome roaming theater projects, interactive site-specific performances, creative interventions and multi-media spectacles that push boundaries and engage audiences while interplaying with the landscape of the open fields and leaving traces of wonder in their wake.
Wonderfruit is committed to fostering creative expressions, meaningful relationships and reducing our impact on the environment. We appeal to volunteers who share this vision and are passionate about the arts, events and sustainability.