SCOPES x Wondercast: New Normal, New Way of Live?

18 August 2021 | Wonderfruit

In this special episode of Wondercast, created in collaboration with SCOPES, we return to the microphones to discuss the state of live events in 2020, 2021, and beyond.


Festivals, concerts, live events, and social gatherings all rely on the same thing: crowds. They’re designed for crowds, and they survive because of crowds. But in 2020, crowds weren’t available. As the world stayed at home, or distanced to protect the rest, the owners and organisers responsible for some of the world’s most exciting in-person experiences faced a challenge they hadn’t met before. How they respond, what they innovate, and who they consider will determine their future. Phuong Le, Ki Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn, and Pete Phornprapha discuss what happened, and what’s next, for the live events scene in Southeast Asia.