Wonderfruit unveils eclectic phase 2 lineup with Nicolas Lutz, Craig Richards, Mathew Jonson, Margaret Dygas, Job2do, Costlywood, Knower and Sóley, plus the debut of sustainable architectural marvels and captivating interactive art projects created by like-minded cross-cultural communities

5 September 2018 | Wonderfruit

Pattaya, Thailand – Wonderfruit, Thailand’s pioneering, carbon-neutral four-day celebration of the arts and sustainable living has announced its momentous phase 2 lineup, which includes diverse music acts, arts, sumptuous food offerings, transformational wellness, and family-friendly activities – all backed up by a whole new set of thought-provoking sustainable architectural experiences.


Following the announcement of new permanent location, Wonderfruit elaborates on its plans for the festival to become completely sustainable. Wonderfruit’s fifth installment will synergize its numerous immersive experiences spanning six unique pillars with architectural experiences that encourage creativity and showcase how the sustainable and the spectacular can go hand-in-hand.


For its second phase, Wonderfruit adds more names to its carefully crafted collection of genre-bending and eclectic music acts that span the spectrum of musical moods and tones from all over the world. The legendary dance destination The Quarry gets a complete revamp by all(zone) who applied the concept of modular geometric network of flexible foldable panels, designed to shapeshift any space. Made from woven recycled material, these panel structures fold and flow into this natural venue, creating monumental spaces perfect for experiencing the diverse music acts handpicked by none other than the father of British underground music Craig Richards. Prepare to dance to the deep and dub-influenced beats by Margaret Dygas, and the uncompromising sounds of underground dance scene pioneer Felix Dickinson, or lounge in tree-lined pockets of chillout zones swaying to the tunes of the likes of Bobby Pleasure, Saoirse, Midland, Radioactive Man (live), and Mathew Jonson (live).


The celebrations center on another icon of the Fields – the Solar Stage. The permanent structure gets its third reconfiguration by Gregg Fleishman – the acclaimed champion of sustainable and innovative architecture. The modular geometric building system of interlocked wood panels is designed for exploring, climbing, dancing and gathering in and around, and will also host Wonderfruit’s iconic sunset and sunrise music programs where Wonderers can expect to be taken on a journey by Nicolas Lutz, Louis Cole, Stars and Rabbit, and NJWA.


As the Fields are bigger now, revellers can experience new immersive structures that celebrate the harmony of nature and interact with numerous mind-blowing installations created by local and international artists who worked with the elements of the new land to encourage and inspire.


Embracing the concept of bamboo architecture, Theatre Stage by Mpdstudio, a new addition to the Fields, fits right into its surrounding landscape, sitting ashore the site’s scenic waterway. As evening falls, Wonderers can get carried away by the mesmerising tunes of Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and singer Sóley, travel across time and space with Bangkok-based Costlywood, and enjoy the performances of Peter Broderick and Knower.


London-based designer Ab Rogers is the mastermind behind the new look of several iconic structures in the Fields.  One of them, is the Eco-Pavilion, which is home to Scratch Talks and a place to inspire conversation and change. The iconic space is transformed into a self-contained landscape, where Wonderers are welcome to find shelter under a kaleidoscopic canopy of 100 handmade cotton umbrellas, share experiences and listen to speakers.


Theatre of Feasts also gets a new look from Ab Rogers. Following the concept of circling flows, Theatre of Feasts will definitely inspire Wonderers to look beyond the status quo and dine a little differently. Expect to be part of culinary performances as award-winning chefs take the stage behind a bright kitchen island in the centre crafting feasts ‘in the round’ for their audience.


In the Eyes of the Animal by Marshmallow Laser Feast is a VR experience where Wonderers can put on a wooden headset and traverse familiar forest landscape through the perspective of woodland creatures.


For those who want to unwind, there will be plenty of options too. Bath House, another addition to the Fields, will be home for those who want to relax and discover bath rituals. Silent Room will offer complete peace and quiet for Wonderers to reach a meditative like state, while Wonder Garden will host an array of transformational wellness experiences.


Wonderers can expect more activities to be announced in the coming months.


#Wonderfruit2018 takes place from 13 to 16 December in The Fields at Siam Country Club, just 150 kilometres (two-hours drive) southeast of Bangkok. Phase two ticket pricing begins at THB 5,800 (USD $177 or £136) for an adult 4-day pass. Visit Wonderfruit’s website for more information on securing your tickets and accommodation.


Images are available for download via this link: Wonderfruit 2018 Phase 2.


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Produced by Thai-based SCRATCH FIRST, Wonderfruit seeks to encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them. Wonderfruit is built on six pillars: Art & Architecture, Music, Family, Farm to Feasts, Talks & Workshops and Wellness, all of which are informed by its ethos to use the event as a platform to catalyze meaningful and positive impact.


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