Wonderfruit 2018: Introducing our new home
Wonderfruit is moving to a new home that is just minutes from our old one, still within grounds of the Siam Country Club in Pattaya. The land is lush with natural wonders like shady coconut plantations, tropical forests, pristine lakes and sandy beaches that are set against mountain vistas making for otherworldly sunrises and sunsets.
Learning from those who live off the land
The Lacandón Mayans live in total isolation in the southern Maya lowlands and have survived like this for hundreds of years by adopting a sustainable way of life. By utilizing specific agricultural, hunting and gathering techniques, the Lacandón Mayans conserve and nourish rather than deplete their land.
Making Wonderfruit fit the land
By returning to what’s been provided to us and nurturing the land to meet our needs, we are taking care of the environment while creating a functioning ecosystem in the process with the end goal of one-day becoming completely self-sufficient.
Working with the land rather than against it, we’re using plants, rocks, soil and trees in place of concrete and bricks to create the foundations of our structures.
Using what was given to us
Our new land is lush with natural features that we’ve used as the essence of our ecosystem. Sip on filtered drinking water from our lakes, retreat to our on-site beaches for a refreshing dip or meander our coconut groves, share in the light and life that surrounds you at Wonderfruit.
From plantation to creation
Bamboo has been at the core of Asia’s construction and design industries for centuries and at Wonderfruit we’re following in the steps of our ancestors by using, reusing and repurposing over 90 tons of locally sourced bamboo to build stages, structures, art installations and vendor kiosks.
The wondrous land that we now call home
New land, new architecture, new adventures.
See you in The Fields.
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