Our plight
against plastic
The plastic pandemic has reached every corner of our oceans. Overconsumption of single-use plastics has hit record highs and is growing by the minute. We’re living in a world plagued by a plastic nightmare but we’re dreaming of a world without single-use plastic. It’s time to wake up and take action. #PlasticDreams
The global pandemic
Across the world we produce about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year and most of it ends up in the ocean. Thailand together with four other Asian countries account for 60% of the plastic pollution entering waterways all over the world. Marine litter threatens sea life, habitats, poisons our food chain, attracts other pollutants, affects our health and costs billions to abate. Change needs to happen now.
A communal effort
No one person can ever do it alone. And to make a dent in today’s plastic nightmare, we need everyone to help and play their part. Starting this year, Wonderfruit pledges to take a stance not just in The Fields, but off it as well. With an illustrious list of partners, from participating restaurants in #Wonderfruit2018 to large scale organisations, we plan to remove single-use plastic from parts of the business and refuse its future use… together.
No single-use plastic (on-site), no problem
We are tackling plastic waste by continuing our commitment to ban single-use plastic in The Fields. Our cups are made from bagasse, our venders use compostable tableware and we encourage Wonderers to bring their own refillable bottles or pick up Wonderfruit stainless steel cups. We even turn our water cartons into recycled roof tiles. Every year we take greater strides in the journey towards becoming free of single-use plastic.
When plastic meets art
Reimagining ways to upcycle waste, like plastic, have always been a foundational layer to how we design sustainably. From an entire stage built from reclaimed waste to art performances made of ocean pollution to a film where the main characters are plastic (check out the making of the film #PlasticDreams). We believe in spreading awareness through creativity by giving artists a platform to create differently.
Join the conversation
Join us in our plight against plastic by making little adjustments to your everyday life. It can be as easy as bringing your own shopping bag to carrying a refillable water bottle and/or refusing plastic straws and cutlery. Together, let’s pledge towards #PlasticDreams, the dream that a world free of single-use plastic can come true.
Watch our #PlasticDreams video and then
get a behind-the-scenes look at how it was made
Join us in saying no to single-use plastic
See you in The Fields.
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