Sonic Elements: Submit Recordings of Your World for a Sound Installation in The Fields

21 กันยายน 2563 | Wonderfruit

While we wait for a new chance to return to The Fields, we have a special opportunity for everyone reading this to share a piece of their world from afar—and contribute to something communal and captivating.


This is a global open call for your audio snippets and field recordings from every corner of this sparkly planet to form part of an immersive sound installation in The Fields.



Musicity, headed by broadcaster and Wonderer Nick Luscombe, last visited Wonderfruit in 2019 with a handful of international Erased Tapes and Thai recording artists for Musicity x Wonderfruit x Bangkok. Seven original compositions were performed live on Theatre Stage, then released online for visitors to the locations in Bangkok which inspired each piece. This was the beginning of our friendship with Nick Luscombe and Musicity, and an eye-opening introduction to the blossoming world of field recording and sound art. So when Nick brought a new project our way, under the newly-minted MSCTY STUDIO brand, we were immediately on board.


That new project is Sonic Elements, presented by Musicity Studio and Wonderfruit.


In this extraordinarily complicated year, many of us have turned inwards to search for grounding elements, subtle mundane things and relationships taken for granted amidst the world we previously recognized. Once we were slowed down we learnt to feel, see, and listen, and appreciate little matters otherwise overlooked. The sounds of natural surroundings became amplified in a silenced urbanscape. This is the backdrop for Sonic Elements: the search for one’s own sound discoveries within the system of natural elements that essentially bind all life—earth, water, fire, metal, and wood.


As an open call, the project is open to everyone. Once you’re involved, you’ll have the chance to learn the techniques and composition of field recording in online workshops led by some of the world’s best: Nick Luscombe and James Greer from Musicity Studio, field recordists Chris Watson, Kate Carr, and Sirasar Boonma. Each field recordist will present their works, and share tips to help you gain a deeper appreciation of creative application of environmental sound. By the end of the project, you’ll contribute to a sonic collage that will inspire and live in a new sound art installation hosted in The Fields.




How you can get involved


Joining in is easy. Fill out the application form before 11.59pm (GMT+7) 28 September and tell us why you want to be part of the project. Describe the sounds of your world, or the way the soundscape of your life makes you feel. Give some ideas for ways to use sound, or tell us a story of the environment around you.


Once you’ve submitted, we’ll select 25 budding sound recordists to participate in online workshops on 6 and 8 October at 7pm (GMT+7). These workshops are a necessary part of the process, so make sure you can be available before you apply. You’ll then be tasked with the actual field recording, and adding your aural ingredient to the final composition.

Join the noise below.