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12 things you might not know about Wonderfruit


Our Ethos


30 March 2017

Last Updated

8 September 2017

Underpinning all the fireworks, fun, excitement and adventure of Wonderfruit is a fundamental ethos of sustainability and community. It’s not the noisy, spectacular bit, so you might have missed it amid all the wonder, but it’s the basis for everything we do.

Did you know, for example:

  1. 17 rai of sticky rice was harvested to decorate February’s Farm Stage and when it was dismantled, the rice was milled according to age-old farming traditions.
  1. All the drinking water from our re-filling stations is filtered from our natural lake using an industrial, commercial grade system.
  1. We use bamboo in lots of our structures – from The Quarry to The Sharing Neighbourhood, much of which is recycled from the previous year’s builds. This year, it will be repurposed once again as creations that have yet to be designed.  
  1. Lots of our decorations are recycled or reclaimed too; the heads of our Trash Monsters were made from discarded chicken coops and the strings of “beads” adorning Wonder Kar were made from 25,000 plastic bottle caps.
  1. All the plates and cutlery used by our vendors are biodegradable and recyclable and even the cups used in our bars are made from bio-mat, so they break down harmlessly.
  1. Our Wonderers helped plant over 1000 mangrove trees in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, by ordering special “Mangrove” drinks throughout February’s event, as part of the #wewillkeepwalking campaign with Johnnie Walker.
  1. Wonderfruit February 2017 was a carbon positive event. We offset our emissions by investing in and protecting the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve in Indonesia.
  1. The fences surrounding the toilets were made from large dried leaves, woven into a lattice of bamboo. They were made by skilled craftsmen and women in Khon Kaen. What’s more, the LED lights inside the toilets were powered by batteries so efficient that they lasted for 120 hours.
  1. The structures for the toilets in Boutique Camping, meanwhile, were built entirely from recycled pallets.
  1. F.A.C.T. Collective’s Wonder Feast of authentic northern and southern Thai cuisine was created using fresh, seasonal and foraged ingredients grown by local farmers and hilltribes.
  1. Intermission is our homegrown initiative, created in collaboration with legendary music producer Howie B, to give as-yet-unknown artists the chance to perform on our main stage, alongside world-renowned headliners.
  1. In February 2017, Joy Collective joined us to create Wonderfruit’s first ever independently curated “camp”. They transformed Rainforest Pavilion and filled it with exhibitions and DJs to create a microcosm within the wider Wonderfruit community.