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6 things you need to know about the Public Sale


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Monday 12 June

Last Updated

Monday 20 November

It’s almost here, and we really don’t want you to miss out on the only Public Sale happening this year. The Private Sale closed early, and should we reach capacity in the Public Sale, it will close early too. So here’s everything you need to know to not miss out on getting tickets to Wonderfruit 2023.


The Public Sale starts in 24 hours


The one and only Public Sale to get Full Passes to Wonderfruit 2023 runs from 14–17 June 2023 at 6pm BKK (GMT+7). That’s tomorrow. Tickets are $260* (THB 8,900) for a Full Pass, getting you access to all five days in The Fields. Mark your calendars, set your alarms; it’s almost go time.


The 72-hour sale is capped


The sale will run for 72 hours, or until supplies last—whichever comes first. We’re doing this because the overall capacity for Wonderfruit 2023 is fixed this year, and since this is the last sale in which you can pick up a 5-Day Full Pass, it will close if we reach capacity. We have reserved a small quantity of Weekend and Teen Passes, which will sell after the Public Sale. You should know that we held a Private Sale last week, and it closed 24 hours after reaching capacity. Similarly, the Public Sale is also first-come, first-served.


The Public Sale is only happening once


Things are a bit different this year, and we want to make sure it’s all clear. There is only one more sale to get a 5-Day Full Pass for Wonderfruit 2023. It happens on Wednesday 14 June 2023 at 6pm (GMT+7) and ends on Saturday 17 June 2023 at 6pm (GMT+7) should there still be tickets left—and it won’t happen again.


You can buy up to four (4) tickets per registered e-mail in this sale, and once they’re gone, there won’t be any more Full Passes this year.


Our gift to you: 50% off the 2023 Wonder Cup


Last year, we sent zero waste to landfills. Our single-use cup ban is a significant contributor to reducing waste at Wonderfruit. This means that every Wonderer needs a cup, and with that cup, you also get free, filtered water at refill stations peppered across The Fields. You can either bring your own cup or bottle, or get a Wonder Cup.


This year, every ticket purchased in the Public Sale will be able to purchase a Wonder Cup at 50% off. That’s THB 325 instead of THB 650. Also, based on your feedback, you should know they’re getting a redesign this year. Wait for it…


Don’t wait for At-Door tickets


At-Door tickets will sell for $600* (THB 20,300), and only if capacity hasn’t been reached in our general sales. There may not be availability, so don’t rely on this as an option. If you’re having trouble deciding and are thinking about making an 11th-hour decision in December: don’t.


Safely transfer or resell your tickets in the Wonder Market


We know planning for an event six months away is scary, especially for Wonderers who fly in from around the world—because sometimes life happens and you can’t make it. After seeing extreme price gouging and all the fraudulent tickets circulated last year, we want to fix this for everyone and introduce the Wonder Market this July. It’s an easy, safe and convenient way to resell tickets at their original face value. Read more about it here.


Anything else you might want to know about the Public Sale lives here.


See you in The Fields

*USD prices subject to FX fluctuations