Behind The Scenes

7 Ways You Can Get Involved in Wonderfruit

1 August 2019 | Wonderfruit

Got skills? There are lots of ways for passionate Wonderers with diverse talents to do their thing in The Fields. Let’s explore them and then, if you’re feeling inspired, you can apply to be part of the team.



Our enthusiastic band of hardworking volunteers is crucial to making Wonderfruit happen. From building stages and setting up Boutique Camping, to helping out with kids’ activities or running trash walks, there’s a huge range of departments to get involved in, for a memorable, behind-the-scenes experience of The Fields. Apply here before 18 October.



We’re looking for creative minds with a vision that will spark dialogues about social and environmental issues. The installation art in The Fields spans media, from the sculptural and structural to the musical and mechanical, and inspires a sense of wonder. Apply here before 27 September.



Performances at Wonderfruit are immersive and compelling. We’re interested in roaming, site-specific and pop-up spectacles that play with the landscape and, of course, our curious Wonderers. Apply here before 27 September.



People connect through meaningful exchanges and we welcome dynamic presenters with a skill, passion or hobby to share with our community. Give us your creativity and culture, whether it’s a traditional craft, dance or cooking technique. Apply here before 15 October.



We’re calling for gastro stars to bring their café, bar, restaurant, food truck or street food stalls to The Fields and we’re particularly interested if you can help create diverse, hearty and healthy eating and drinking experiences for our hungry and thirsty Wonderers. Apply here before 15 October.



Are you a creative maker, designer or artisan with a product that aligns with our ethos? We’re looking for sellers whose creations will help Wonderers live the Wonderfruit lifestyle. Apply here before 18 October.



We’ve got Wonderfruit golf carts waiting to be transformed into weird and wonderful mobile creations. It could be anything from a prowling monster or mobile puppet show to a gaming station on wheels. Share your idea here by 27 September.


So, are you in? Apply now to be part of Wonderfruit 2019.