99 Wonder-filled moments at Wonderfruit

12 December 2022 | Wonderfruit

With less than a week to go until The Fields are open for more art, food, music, and ideas, it’s the perfect time to think about how you can fill your days and nights with wonder.


Wonderfruit 2022 will continue without pause for 99 hours this year, so we’ve found 99 moments you should include in your journey through these hours. This list isn’t in order, but that’s part of the fun:


  1. Download the Wonder App for more than 99 experiences. 
  2. Offset your carbon footprint before you arrive, by calculating the impact of your journey and donating to Mae Fah Luang Foundation’s reforestation and development efforts in the north of Thailand.
  3. Remind yourself of what it takes to be a Wonderer by getting to know the Wonderfruit Way
  4. Don’t forget your ID so you can pass through the gate with ease (you need it with you, always). Once you’re in, if you need lockers, you’ll find them just past the gate near the Info Tent. 
  5. Get a prime spot at Creature Stage for guaranteed gold performances by Hatari, Snapped Ankles, Jaubi and more.
  6. Speaking of Hatari, this is more than just a show. The Icelandic techno and punk rock performance art group Hatari love to provoke. The art project takes their audience on a wild ride—don’t miss it. 
  7. Play, grow and learn from our Ancestral Forest that we’re designing with SUGi to rewild our land. Don’t leave without planting your own tree. 
  8. Allow yourself to play as you explore your sexuality in a workshop called From Sin to Sexual Awakening.
  9. Ready for a pick-me-up? Drop by Nespresso for coffee-powered stories while sipping espresso-powered cocktails. Or just a cup of coffee, of course. 
  10. Detox before your retox with a quick HIIT workout with Technogym.
  11. As the rises over The Fields, start your morning with a stretch. Selin Sila leads a Saturday morning Slow Flow at Yoga Barn, where you’ll find different types of yoga all weekend long.
  12. Find Veya by Banyan Tree at Wonderness leading sessions reminiscent of their celebrated wellness experiences. 
  13. Discover your own axis mundi at Wonderness, starting with the long-awaited opening ceremony.Make a mental note of where the Fire section is for a little later, as that’s where you’ll get your massages when your feet beckon for some attention. 
  14. Find your place under the blinding canopy of immersive lights and sounds at Polygon Live, and surrender yourself to the full-body experience. This year, Polygon’s scent technology has been optimized to be even more immersive this year. 
  15. Stick around for Earth Echo, an immersive, contemplative meditation making full use of the 360º sounds and visuals of the other-worldly stage.
  16. Every evening at 8:15 pm for precisely 15 minutes, Crépuscule at Polygon invites us to lose ourselves in a morphing of sound and visual landscapes within a pagan temple regenerating new perceptions and sheltering new worlds.
  17. Polygon artists have spent months working on their live shows. Don’t miss a trifecta of Saturday night live shows by Mita Gami, Viken Armen and Âme
  18. Try to attend at least one Scratch Talk. We think you might like to learn how to build things well in a talk by the builders, designers and architects closest to Wonderfruit: Ab Rogers, Gunn, Boonserm and Gregg Fleishman.
  19. Discover sonic elements for your senses in a project with MSCTY that merges field recordings with immersive installations at Creature Stage—except you’ll find the Air installation nearby Baby Elephant Bar.
  20. Slow Down with Erased Tapes 十五 while going beyond the realms of everyday tunes to feel the rhythm within.
  21. Wash the negativity and stress from your mind and soul with a Galactic Gong Bath by Lotus Wellness.
  22. Terpenes are the plant magic responsible for their flavors, aromas and colors, and deliver a mood-lifting effect thanks to their olfactory prowess. Head to Patom Organic Living to titillate the five senses through terpene-inspired experiences at their organic bar and workshop space. 
  23. Maybe you have the munchies now? Visit our Open Kitchen where mums, aunties and grandmothers share their local culinary wisdom and prepare generational recipes cooked on the floor, prepared food in bamboo joints, pounded, simmered and scented.
  24. Take a seat at the Theatre of Feasts with 260 of your closest friends for a Wonder Feast. A few seats remain for Wonder Latin Power, Calling The Rain From Rome and The Great Arrival, with celebrity chefs and rising culinary stars, and you can walk right in to book.
  25. For something a little lighter, fill up on what Thonglor’s best kitchens have to offer at SOT, our urban playground in The Fields.
  26. Did someone say sake? How about sato instead? Ferment your own fragrant sato rice wine at the Isan Rice Tower.
  27. That’s a lot of drinks. Fortunately, we’ve redone our bathrooms which means no more porta potties. 
  28. Need to do nothing for a minute? Drop by House of La Dolce Vita for a taste of the sweet life, a life where hammocks reign supreme and siestas are the star attraction. 
  29. While you’re resting, take in a film: here we’re showing films like a documentary called ‘Ars Longa, La Vita Brevis’, which translates to ‘Art is Long, Life is Short’, our own Wild Card production and other Wonderfruit-produced short films. 
  30. Refill your cup or bottle at refill stations peppered around The Fields, and stay hydrated at all times. 
  31. Don’t have a cup? Pick up a Wonder Cup, made from coconut husk this year and comes in four different colourways. Shop them here
  32. Ditch whatever’s left in your cup in our drink bins, and we’ll send the slops to be biologically treated at a water treatment plant. It’s part of our zero-landfill goal for 2022.
  33. While you’re at it, help keep The Fields sparkly and clean by separating all your waste at our #ThisIsNotTrash waste stations. There are seven bins to choose from, and none of them go to landfill.
  34. Join a pair of workshops at Wonder Kitchen led by vintners close to Wine Garage as they play, profile and taste organic wines in The Fields.
  35. Before you go, fill your Wonder Cup with wine at the bar or get a bottle and share those Wonder-filled moments with your friends.
  36. Need something a little stronger? Head to SOT and find Liberation Bar with Stoli who will be serving up vodka-imbued cocktails like Bloody Mary’s alongside vodka with Red Bull. And if you find yourself there on Saturday night…
  37. Get a taste of hip hop and hot sauce at Bastid’s BBQ on Saturday with Red Bull, who together are lighting up SOT with a stellar selection of local and international talent. Curated by Skratch Bastid, the three-time Scribble Jam DJ Battle champion and long-time Red Bull 3Style Ambassador is also collaborating with SOT chefs to create dishes around his signature Bastid’s Hot Sauce.
  38. It’s time to call it and make your way home. Boutique Campers can stop by a bar by Banyan Tree in Boutique Camping for a nightcap. When you wake up, head straight to their dedicated spa. 24 hour services are provided to all Boutique Campers. 
  39. If you are staying at Boutique Camping in either a Bell Tent with AC or RV, ready yourself by reading our handy guide for getting and checking into Boutique Camping. 
  40. For Wonderers staying off-site, hop aboard the shuttle for a one-way trip to Pattaya or Jomtien. 
  41. Elevate your tomorrow through the power of creativity in a talk by futurist David Shing.
  42. Rest your feet at Piazza, a new venue from where you can take in the sights and sounds from The Fields. 
  43. A lot of what we do is local—but Ta Chang is especially local. Visit the village run by farmers from around Thailand who bring their recipes and their spirit to The Fields. 
  44. Stick around for an evening disco filled with Thai country beats, and try your hand at making a red squid-fermented alcohol.
  45. Reveal your inner diva in Cheese Shack, a karaoke bar hidden in a tree. Finding it is half the fun—the other half becomes apparent when you step up to the mic.
  46. Climb atop Solar Village in the afternoon and take a nap in the sky. Or participate in a workshop with Gregg Fleishman himself. 
  47. But don’t spend all your time at the top; kick back and relax at the newly expanded Solar Village that’s a little more comfortable with plenty of shaded areas and daybeds.
  48. Match your sunset to an Aperol Spritz, available at Orange Bar nearby the lake (as well as bars at Theatre Pavillion, Neramit, Open Kitchen and Solar Village). 
  49. Next to it, you’ll find Baby Elephant Bar playing Bossa Nova and other blissed-out tunes from 12pm–12am. While you’re there, try paddleboarding across our lake. 
  50. Walking Meditation helps us to bring our awareness into everyday life. Take a morning walking meditation at the Walk and explore our awareness and the elegance of movement in relation to architectural space.
  51. Head to Neramit on Saturday, where, standing tall upon a set of wheels, a daily ritual will summon Wonderers to join together in moving the structure. Stick around for a film premiere called Big Ears Listen With Feet on Friday at 15:30 in Neramit.
  52. Cuddle a pig and tickle a chicken at Little Fields in Camp Wonder, a hands-on, educational farm experience for kids young and old.
  53. While you’re at Camp Wonder, stick around in the shade and see live performances by the little wonders themselves, our young bands.
  54. Update your look at Taste of Wonder while browsing a curated collection of designers, vintage collectors, and accessories.
  55. From 16:00 – 17:00, stop by Wib Wab Wub with Tinder and get your face painted for free. 
  56. Forbidden Fruit, where takeovers by local collectives reign. Catch UNKNWN on Thursday, Snug on Friday and FuFu Records on Saturday. 
  57. Cool off at our Bath House pods. You know you are allowed to get in the water, right?
  58. Take yourself on an art walk, with many installations becoming permanent additions to The Fields. Stop by Reung Loy, Isaan Rice Tower, WonderOK, Amnesia Mole, Mori no Oto and more. Need a guide? Pick up a leaflet, where you’ll find all the art installations labelled on the map
  59. But save a little more time for Reung Loy; 20 minutes to be exact. Floating in the middle of the lake, the space acts as a fluid membrane of water surface, encouraging people to comfortably lie down and immerse in a sound journey of being one with water—both physically and spiritually.
  60. Keep your eyes peeled for Wonder OK, a community art project by Thai artist Navin Rawanchaikul.
  61. Reminiscent of the experience in Bangkok, Havana Social lands in The Fields with Latin flavours from music to drinks. This is also where you’ll find SOHO pizza. 
  62. Rainy season has been generous to our farm. Take a minute to explore our organic farm, where new life is sprouting and showing us a regenerative way forward. 
  63. While at the farm, meet our mascot Maggie. She’s a little bit stout, plenty rotund, and is our chief composter. Ok, she’s a pig, and we love her.  
  64. Wander through a diverse array of food vendors scattered around The Fields and sample a little of everything good, fast, and local in The Fields.
  65. An evolution of the 2019 performance by the same name, visit House of the Unholy to watch a one-of-a-kind short film alongside a live audio-visual interactive dance.
  66. Have you ever seen a moon crash landed in The Fields? Head to SangSom and discover new ways to enjoy the Thai-style rum with a creative cocktail list while young, cutting-edge talent from Bangkok’s underground music scene play fresh sounds from the city.
  67. Shelter from the madness at the merch tent, and find official Wonderfruit 2022 hats, Wonder Cups, clips, straps and essentials.
  68. For fans of reggage, get cozy at Theatre Pavilion on Friday night for a takeover by Srirajah Rockers and Channel One Sound System.
  69. Saturday night will welcome a Reggae Renegade jam session by Trojan Sound System, Prince Fatty and friends. 
  70. Cool down (and we mean really cooooool down) in an ice bath. Plunge your body into a subzero temperature tub in a workshop that embraces the cold water therapy of the Wim Hof Method.
  71. Don’t stop there, we have workshops happening all across The Fields: Open Kitchen, The Hive, Living Village, Wonder OK and Embrace.
  72. What if we told you there was a peephole in our bathroom? Find the peephole and take a look into Hiraki Sawa’s unexpected world of psychological landscapes and imaginary spaces.
  73. If you enjoy a good easter egg hunt, find the Jameson Van. During a daily surprise happy hour, drinks will be free. 
  74. Perhaps you’re in need of a beard trim? Head to The Circle with Jameson for barber services, whiskey tastings and a game of darts while selectors play vinyl over a vintage sound system. 
  75. Find the Molam Bus and hear the smooth croon of Angkanang Kunchai an originator of the upcountry sound. Other Molam legends will join in on a jam session that will be recorded. 
  76. While you’re there, climb to the top and capture the perfect rooftop selfie atop Molam Bus, and join a legacy of Wonderers doing the same each time they return to The Fields.
  77. Don’t leave without visiting the gallery within, which highlights Thai culture through pictures. 
  78. Interested to learn more about the history behind Molam? Join a workshop featuring Molam master Ajahn Kammao himself, exclusively for the first time, and learn the secret of Phin making his signature sound and make your own DIY instrument.
  79. Explore the past, present and future of psychedelics in a talk by Dr William N Wait.
  80. Watch a collaborative live performance that interplays Yumiko Morioka’s 1987 album in collaboration with MSCTY Studio’s Nick Luscombe + James Greer while Yumiko’s daughter Lana will also play the violin and lead a green tea ceremony.
  81. Stumble into The Quarry and listen to… someone. Craig Richards brings the very best DJs together, then hiding them from sight as part of Collisions. It’s all about the music. 
  82. Need a medic? We have two. Find one in the Lower Fields near Camp Wonder and another in the Upper Fields near Living Village
  83. While you’re there, follow the wormholes by Jiro Endo to fold time and fully immerse in an experience meant to connect you with a natural dimension.
  84. Most Wonderers will tell you that sunrise is the most special experience in The Fields. This year, catch Garth on Saturday morning and Panorama Bar residents Tama Sumo b2b Lakuti on Sunday morning. 
  85. Prepare for an extra special Monday morning closing with DJ Tennis because we all know that Wonderfruit doesn’t actually end on Sunday, right?
  86. Wake up fresh and restore your levels with a vitamin drip or booster from IV LYFE, the medical professionals chasing away bad vibes and hangovers.
  87. Now that you’re refreshed, let Yayoi Kusama’s sunflowers do the rest of the cheering up. The Japanese artist’s flower obsession unfolds in The Fields. 
  88. Get your hands dirty—or blue—with an experimental indigo-dying workshop led by Philip Huang where Wonderers will take part in keeping vats of vibrant blue dye alive over the course of four days at Indigo World.
  89. Hugs help. Head to Kartaland for a free one. Located by the lake, you’ll also find heaps of self care and uplifting vibes.
  90. Elevate your Sunday with a brunch or dinner at Wonder Kitchen, a limited chef’s table experience where experimental flavours and inventive dishes are on the menu. Join the a bountiful late brunch to satiate your hangover Sunday with Chef Chalee Kader called The Humble Brag Brunch.
  91. Or, spice up your Sunday night with a Wonder Kitchen dedicated to the better half of rice: curry. Sunday Night Curry Club celebrated Thailand’s sizzling Kao Gaeng culture.
  92. Enjoy a celebration of heritage that pays homage to the Songhai music of northern Mali and the legacy of the musician’s legendary late father, Ali Farka Toure, while unwinding on Sunday night at Creature Stage—with a glass of wine, of course.
  93. Don’t miss a special Sunday evening show by Circle of Live that will unfold as a live jam session with Sebastian Mullaert, Âme, Kai Campos of Mount Kimble and more. 
  94. Did you notice that Nightmares on Wax is playing? Catch him at Neramit
  95. Watch the World Cup Final in a beer garden brimming with Singha at Ziggurat.
  96. Vegans and vegetarians, we would never want you to miss out on great food in The Fields—so swing by Meatly! for plant-based indulgences like “katsu cheese” and “crispy pork” to get you fueled up for a day of discovery.
  97. Full steam ahead: don’t miss our Monday morning takeover at Solar Stage by Ouissam & the More Rice Crew.
  98. The Fields are full of discoveries. Keep your eyes up, your mind open, and your heart ready to Live. Love. and Wonder.
  99. And finally, lose something? E-mail us at with a description of your precious things.