Wonderfruit 101

99 Wonder-filled Moments at Wonderfruit

26 November 2019 | Wonderfruit

With less than a month until The Fields are open for more art, food, music, and ideas, it’s the perfect time to think about how you can fill your days and nights with wonder.


Wonderfruit 2019 will continue without pause for 99 hours this year, so we’ve found 99 moments you should include in your journey through these hours. This list isn’t in order, but that’s part of the fun:


  1. Offset your carbon footprint before you arrive, by calculating the impact of your journey and donating to Mae Fah Luang Foundation’s reforestation and development efforts in the north of Thailand.
  2. Remind yourself of what it takes to be a Wonderer by getting to know Our Actions.
  3. Listen to the sounds and watch the sights of Tiger Drum’s opening ceremony at Wonderness, and set your intentions for the following four days and nights of wonder.
  4. Or visit Polygon Live’s opening, lead by Earth Echo as an immersive, contemplative meditation making full use of the 360º sounds and visuals of the other-worldly stage.
  5. Meet the man himself, Howie B—the mentor of our Intermission program to accelerate unsigned talent via Wonderfruit—during a rare set at Neramit, our home base.
  6. Go vegan with some of our planet-conscious food vendors’ menus, like mushroom broth at Genius Bar.
  7. Acquaint yourself with The Angel of Southeast by Kitti Sangkaew, the queen of natural hair.
  8. While in the lower fields, take your place in the crowd at Eco Pavilion for a Scratch Talk special: a panel discussing the future of cannabis and regulation in Thailand, featuring Don Land, Guide Rattapon, and Viroj Sumyai.
  9. Make Friday dinner special with a Wonder Feast by new Michelin star recipients 80/20, and savor their sustainable seafood.
  10. Wake up fresh and restore your levels with a vitamin drip or booster from IV LYFE, the medical professionals chasing away bad vibes and hangovers.
  11. Buy a coconut for a friend, and have a shooting contest over our special (and balling) coconut hoop bins. Dunk that ‘nut.
  12. Get loose with your fine self at the Go Grrrls Crew takeover, “God Save The Queer”—an LGBTQ+ party sure to turn Forbidden Fruit into a steamy ballroom.
  13. Kick way back in the House of Doing Nothing with Deus Ex Machina and watch a movie, make your own DIY fan, or (as the name suggests) do… nothing?
  14. Cuddle a pig and tickle a chicken at Little Fields in Camp Wonder, a hands-on, educational farm experience for kids young and old.
  15. While you’re at Camp Wonder, stick around in the shade and see live performances by the little wonders themselves, our young bands.
  16. See the sun up over Solar Stage while Floating Points fills the air with textures and tunes.
  17. Try rum the local way in the Moonlight Lounge with Sangsom, and gaze at the moon with a limited edition bucket in hand.
  18. Learn of the plight of trafficking’s forgotten victims—boys—in a Scratch Talk by Maria Mounsher, someone who couldn’t let these vulnerable men go ignored.
  19. Cool off at Bath House. You know you are allowed to get in the water, right?
  20. Be introduced to the Japanese art of rope bondage in an intimate workshop by shibari artist and professional rigger Unnamedminor. Or listen to model Waleerat Lomkom explain what it takes to be a rope bunny.
  21. Let Ryan Clayton spell out your future in a one-on-one tarot card and astrology reading session at Wonderness.
  22. Feel better about your fates in a screamy, sweaty, intense workshop by Rajen Palsingh: Relieving Inner Anger.
  23. Wander the Street Food Zone and sample a little of everything good, fast, and local in The Fields.
  24. Stumble into The Quarry and listen to… someone. This year, Collisions by Craig Richards is bringing the very best DJs together, then hiding them from sight. It’s all about the music. 
  25. Sink into yourself with a Kava Ceremony by Kava World International, and appreciate how this special drink holds spiritual significance across the Pacific.
  26. Fill up on what Thonglor’s best kitchens have to offer at SOT, our urban playground in The Fields.
  27. While you’re under the cover of SOT, drop your jaw watching the world’s best turntablists, mixers, and DJs as part of a Red Bull 3style takeover at the venue.
  28. Try something a little stronger from the Monkey Shoulder team, mixing up a storm behind the boards at SOT.
  29. Find out things you really didn’t know about yourself at House of the Unholy Ritual, a sci-fi pagan ceremony created and conducted by Daniel Merlot. 
  30. Repent for those sins by creating something positive in the world at the Concept Lab by Indorama Ventures, a workshop space for making new objects from waste plastic. If it sounds complicated, Precious Plastic’s creative crew will be on hand to assist.
  31. Climb up on Ziggurat with Singha and settle in for a soda-fuelled mixology session by Niks Anuman Rajadhon, as he recreates his most famous cocktails in non-alcoholic fashion.
  32. Gaze back upon Living Village, our newest venue built to be a capsule of everything Wonderfruit offers and believes in, all in a natural form designed for the senses.
  33. Stay in Living Village and feast your eyes upon our most sustainable staging effort to date: Creature Stage with Indorama Ventures. Those vibrant, colorful fabrics decorating the stage were made from plastic bottles we collected from Bangkok residents.
  34. Stick around to hear brand new performances by our four Intermission finalists for 2019. These emerging acts were part of an open annual call to discover unknown artists and mentor them onto the main stage at Wonderfruit.
  35. Eat the past with chef Num at Wonder Kitchen. The Isaan culinary craftsman is diving into the history books for the dishes he is serving at the intimate, 30-seat chef’s table.
  36. Follow dinner with an award-winning, luxurious cocktail by the teams from Old Man and Bamboo Bar, two of Asia’s best bars—slinging drinks just next door to Wonder Kitchen.
  37. Stop by Baan Sabai as it stops for its next performance. This big, beautiful bus is decked out as a model Thai house, and reflects the best of #AmazingThailand in sounds and sights.
  38. Find the other bus in The Fields, Molam Bus. Hear the smooth croon of Chalermpol Malakham, an originator of the upcountry sound.
  39. Swing over to Sing Sing Theatre or Rabbit Hole and see how Bangkok’s bars and clubs put their best foot forward in The Fields.
  40. Find your place under the blinding canopy of immersive lights and sounds at Polygon Live, and surrender yourself to the full-body experience.
  41. Dance the night away at the Ed Banger Records takeover of Forbidden Fruit. Yes, *that* Ed Banger Records. Prepare to swoon.
  42. Follow the ambience to a special evening set by none other than Four Tet, one of the world’s finest purveyors of electronic sounds and ecstatic grooves.
  43. Unleash your inner queen (or king) when MiSSKT & Ryan Hanson swing their beautiful bodies past the adoring fans at Ziggurat with Singha (and wherever else the night may take them).
  44. Stick around and hear the sounds of Asia’s independent beatmakers and collectors when Sabai Sabai Radio takes over Ziggurat with Singha.
  45. Get amongst the crowd when the Ed Banger Records family come back for a special free-for-all DJ set. It’s like a B2B2B2B2B2B, only they’re all from Ed Banger Records.
  46. High five a stranger and hug your friends, or the other way around. Show love everywhere you go, and look out for each other in The Fields.
  47. And if it gets that far, don’t forget to swing by the panel discussion by Mistress Eva, Sarasense, and Preston Gaylord entitled Better Sex: A Date with Desire & Consent.
  48. If not, try The Elemental Return: A Self Love Journey in Embracing the Wild Within by Leeliu Lynx Sauvage, a special presentation at Wonderness.
  49. Listen to the story of Divyanshu Ganatra, a blind pilot and wilful adventurer. He’s speaking at Eco Pavilion as part of Scratch Talks.
  50. Revitalise weary limbs and creaky souls with a plant-forward Indian brunch by urban farmer and celebrated chef Deepanker Khosla from Bangkok’s Haoma.
  51. Return to ancient forests and spiritual centers with an introduction to Amazonian medicine with Torek Izaciga.
  52. Introduce young minds to the plight of the world’s endangered species with Disco Rhino Dances All Day, at Camp Wonder.
  53. Take a seat on the hillside and absorb the sounds of the city from Theatre Stage, recorded in Bangkok’s iconic spaces and reinterpreted by Erased Tapes artists and local soundsmiths as part of Musicity.
  54. Get the full insight into the Musicity program in a Scratch Talk by founder, BBC Radio 3 DJ, and music genius Nick Luscombe.
  55. Follow Nick Luscombe’s musical prowess to Solar Stage for a special Friday sundown set.
  56. Dine on Thailand’s seafood, prepared with skill and attention by sushi master Randy of Thonglor’s Fillets. He’s bringing the strict omakase format to The Fields at Wonder Kitchen on Saturday night.
  57. Refill your Wondercup at the refill stations throughout The Fields, and stay hydrated at all times. Ditch whatever’s left in your cup in our Drinks bins, and we’ll send the slops to be biologically treated at a water treatment plant. It’s part of our zero-landfill goal for 2019.
  58. Ride from point A to point B on an Offering Horse—themed, spectacular bicycles available for Wonderers who want to give their feet a rest.
  59. Prepare for an ambush by Bangkok Voices, as they bring their special brand of guerrilla choir to every corner of The Fields in unexpected moments.
  60. Shelter from the madness at the merch tent, and find official Wonderfruit 2019 hats, Wondercups, clips, straps, and essentials.
  61. Climb atop Solar Stage in the afternoon and take a nap in the sky.
  62. Capture the shapes of the human form at a life drawing session with Untitled Life Drawing. It’s in the mysterious bamboo structure known as “Untitled”.
  63. Practise your own bodily forms at a Wonderflow for the Curious Explorer yoga session, led by the inimitable Rosemary.
  64. Try your hand at fermentation and preserving under the tutelage of Chef Black from Blackitch, at Camp Edible.
  65. See how fermentation can turn your plain white t-shirt into something magical at a collaborative natural dye workshop with Patom and Lalina.co.
  66. Take those colors and wave ‘em high at a Scratch Talk led by global LGBTI ally Bess Hepworth, and hear her story of shaping spaces and policy for the rainbow community around the world.
  67. Warm your bones and stretch your body in a traditional Yam Khang Thai fire therapy massage, where practitioners use fire on the soles of their feet to promote circulation and offer a deeper pressure.
  68. Venture to Neramit for the Fossick Project’s interactive shadow theater show, and see puppets in a new light.
  69. Stay under the shade of Neramit and top up energy levels with The Brunch Club, a refreshing morning meal with Hillpop sparkling cold brew coffee.
  70. Welcome the end of the daylight hours with a sunset fire show by Samui Circus Studio, an annual highlight in the center of The Fields.
  71. Stay lit at SOT for the Def Jam Records takeover on Friday, the first outing for the Thailand outpost of this iconic urban label.
  72. Make a night of it at Omelette, the space for communal tunes and all-day drinks, buoyed by Hendrick’s. 
  73. Reveal your inner diva in Cheese Shack, a karaoke bar hidden in a tree. Finding it is half the fun—the other half becomes apparent when you step up to the mic.
  74. Top up in between your expert renditions at the Stoli Bar in Living Village, just over the hill from Cheese Shack. OK, it’s not really a hill—more of an undulation.
  75. It’s time to call it, and make your way home. Boutique Campers can stop by Bar.Yard at Boutique Camping for their late-night cravings, or wake up to surprise Kimpton Moments in the morning.
  76. For off-site Wonderers, relax in the transportation pick-up/drop-off zone while you wait for your personal GrabCar chauffeur to whisk you back to your hotel or villa.
  77. Start the morning right with an Alchemy Experience by Six Senses, combining expertise and local herbs in a five-star spa treatment. 
  78. Make more of what nature has to offer in an all-ages coloring workshop by illustrator and creative Mumbot, by creating natural earth pigments and painting with the results.
  79. Pass Sunday with an unrivalled regional lineup of unique, worldly talent when ZudRangMa records kicks off the second date of their takeover at Neramit.
  80. Delve into our history of initiatives, attempts, and lessons at an exhibition of Wonderfruit’s sustainability ethos near The Woven House at Living Village.
  81. Get lost in The Woven House, the successful finalist of our open call for sustainable pavilion designs. The winning team, Trojans Collective, have created a geometric structure making use of traditional dying and weaving techniques across Southeast Asia.
  82. Contribute to a weekend-long art and architecture installation by building and maneuvering 2500 adobe bricks by Elin Eyborg at Living Village.
  83. Get a prime spot at Creature Stage for guaranteed gold performances by Brushy One String, Kelsey Lu, Chris The Pianist, GoGo Penguin and more instrumental geniuses.
  84. Have lunch with family recipes at Theatre of Feasts, when three of Thailand’s most prominent female chefs bring the flavors of their childhoods to a Wonder Feast.
  85. Update your festival fashion at A Taste of Wonder, and browse a curated collection of designers, vintage collectors, and accessorists.
  86. Sparkle up your look without harming the waterways at The Hive’s Eco-friendly Glitter Station—a chance to get some much-needed shimmer without plastic.
  87. Help keep The Fields as sparkly and clean as your newly-glittered body by separating all your waste at our #ThisIsNotTrash waste stations. There are seven bins to choose from, and none of them go to landfill. 
  88. Escape the sun (or dare we say, rain) at Tiki Bar, and gaze out over the lake below with a cool drink in hand.
  89. Groove guilt-free at Rainforest Pavilion, an uplifting rave supporting the threatened species of Indonesia’s dwindling rainforest environments.
  90. Plant a little forest of your own at the Oxygen Factory workshop by OurLand, and seed bomb the land around your place. 
  91. Wash the negativity and stress from your mind and soul with a Mindfulness Gong Bath, led by renowned Thai master Veerayuth Pongsiri.
  92. Carry the positive energy to Forbidden Fruit and get to know our Japanese cousins from Rainbow Disco Club, taking over the bamboo boudoir for one night only with favorites from their own incredible festival.
  93. Compare the magic you feel with the magick of Aramos the Wizard, a futurist who traces his powers and progress back to Merlin himself. Confused? Come to his Scratch Talk to see what it’s all about.
  94. Stay in the ancient arts and flex some muscle by getting your blacksmith on at Noorg Collaborative Arts & Culture x JITR Collective’s interactive smithing show.
  95. Follow the hammering rhythms of the blacksmiths to the hammering rhythms of Trojan Sound System, overwhelming Solar Stage with their dub selections and big beats.
  96. Take your seat at the table with 200 of your closest friends while the Michelin-starred chefs of Bangkok’s bo.lan join forces with the Michelin-starred chef Rishi of Singapore to create a Thai-Sri Lankan BBQ feast with extra refinement.
  97. Capture the perfect rooftop selfie atop Molam Bus, and join a legacy of Wonderers doing the same each time they return to The Fields.
  98. Allow yourself to be moved in a breathwork session by Harmony Healer, and find your natural high within.
  99. Keep your eyes up, your mind open, and your heart ready to Live. Love. and Wonder.


See you in The Fields x