A Playlist For Every Isolation Moment

15 May 2020 | Wonderfruit

Nobody knows how long this socially distanced, isolated, quarantine will last.


If you’re anything like us, it’s starting to feel a bit like every day’s the same.


Thankfully, our Head of Music Gee has a network of friends and artists around Asia to provide the perfect soundtrack to every isolation mood and moment. So that’s exactly what he asked them to do.


We sent moods and themes to a whole lot of people, and they delivered.


Akimbo, Alex Joy, August Wahh, Boogie G, Chamapoo, Chris Menist, DJ El Toro, DJ Funky Pump, DONN, DOTT, Final Frontier, Funk Bast*rd, Gilbert, Jam on Toast, Juice Willis, Justin Mills, Katsu, Kevin Lecompere, Maarten Goetheer, Maft Sai, Masaya Fantasista, Mikail, Mikey Varot, MiMi, Mumsfilibaba, Naj Frusciante, Nannue Tipitier, Nayla, Nico Elliot, Ouissam, Que Sakamoto, RAH, Rocco Universal, Romain FX, Saari, Sarayu, Senja, Swamy, Tassmah, Tiny Giant, Transport, Uzair Sawal, Von Bueno, and Yeti Out all came through with the tunes.


To great effect.


Welcome to the rest of your isolation, broken down into every conceivable moment by DJs, musicians, artists, producers and promoters from Thailand and afar.


Procrastinating? Not for long.




Existential dread, be damned.




What’s for dinner?




Sweat it out.




Kick back with a book.




Add a little vroom to your Zoom.



Find yourself lost.




Reconnect with romances (or roommates).




Step things up a notch… 




And unwind in blissful style.




See you in The After, Wonderers x