Behind The Scenes

Are You Our Next Arts Manager?

7 July 2020 | Wonderfruit

This is exciting—and for the right person, life-changing.


Scratch First, the team behind Wonderfruit, is looking for an Arts Manager/Coordinator. The lucky candidate will work directly with our Arts Director, Bow, to organise and coordinate the details and people involved in the many arts projects of Wonderfruit: the design, architecture, installation, and performances that fill our world. You will produce projects, create content, and work directly with all the departments of the Wonderfruit team—from marketing and communications, to production and infrastructure, as well as accounting and partnerships.


Art & Architecture is a key pillar of Wonderfruit. Beyond form and function, our arts projects are the experiential expression of our ethos. With artists, designers and makers, we transform The Fields into a sustainable, beautiful playground, through a thoughtful approach to structural installation and performance in spaces.


We are looking for someone to join us either full or part time, who fits the following description:

  • comes from a professional background in art/design management,
  • has at least three years of experience developing and producing content for exhibitions/events/festivals, ranging between art installations, architectural structures, performances, workshops, and the in-betweens.
  • is literate and fluent in both Thai and English.
  • is a Wonderer, having already visited Wonderfruit at least once (optional, but preferred).
  • is self-driven, organised, sociable, solutions-oriented, enjoys the outdoors, and likes getting their hands on the dirty stuff.


Working terms are negotiable, for the right candidate.


If you think we’re describing you, and you want to join Team Wonderfruit, get in touch. Send an email with a short introduction and a statement telling us why you would be the right person for the job, along with your CV to