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Bubblin’ with Singha the Fizzy Bar

24 October 2019 | Wonderfruit

Singha takes pride of place in The Fields with Ziggurat, an upcycled beer garden for rest and refreshment. As a proudly Thai brand with a pioneering spirit, there has always been more to Singha than tall cups of an iconic beer.


This is where Singha the Fizzy Bar comes into the picture. Within the geometric, elevated forms of Ziggurat sits a bar dedicated to another of Singha’s creations: the effervescent, bubbly excitement of Singha Soda Water. The new bar shines a spotlight on creative cocktails of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind, all created by a proudly Thai, pioneering bartender: Niks Anuman-Rajadhon.


Wherever you travel in the world, ask a bartender who they know in Thailand and the answer will likely be Niks. Since bursting onto the scene ten years ago, the energetic and charming Niks has made his presence known through his catering, distribution, and events businesses and two of Bangkok’s most beloved watering holes: Teens of Thailand and Asia Today. Teens of Thailand is the first ever gin bar in the country, opened to much fanfare in 2015 in a grungy back alley of Chinatown. Asia Today, a foraging-focused rum bar, followed three years later in the alleyway directly opposite—although Niks and co-owner Gunn Lee go to great lengths to create distance between the two establishments, even going as far as to emblazon the walls of Asia Today with a neon reading “This bar is better than Teens of Thailand”.


Niks’ contribution to the menu at Singha the Fizzy Bar express why his bars and businesses continue to enjoy popular success. The two creative concoctions combine Thai flavours, fresh ingredients and Singha Soda Water. 



‘Singha Siam’ is a herbacious, non-alcoholic refresher made with grape, lime and tiger ear—a fragrant local herb with a minty, oregano finish. The punchy mix is then topped off with Singha Soda Water and served over ice. The perfect cool down in the midst of The Fields.



‘Singha Sunrise’ is a local twist on the classic gin cocktail, shaking Thai tea-infused gin with lime and bitters before topping up with Singha Soda Water. It’s a colorful, classic cocktail that makes the most of the zesty, silky flavor of Thai tea.


Experience a new way to refresh at Singha the Fizzy Bar at Ziggurat with Singha, and meet the man behind the menu when Niks Anuman-Rajadhon steps up to the bar to mix his original creations from 7-9:30pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.