Beyond the music: capturing natural sounds in The Fields with MSCTY

20 September 2023 | Wonderfruit

Earlier this month, we hosted a small group of community members, collaborators and The Pineapple Eyes for a special MSCTY workshop exploring natural sounds in The Fields.


Led by Nick Luscombe and James Greer, the one-day event welcomed Wonderers to experience The Fields in their natural state—and capture how they sound. The morning session started with team introductions and a talk about field recording. From there, participants collected materials and recorded sounds from around The Fields, which were taken back to their studio in Japan and will be used to create soundscapes for performances and installations in The Ancestral Forest this year. The pair of shows are titled Declaration of Plants and Declare the Forest, and look to give the many species of flora a voice by bringing to life the spirit of the forest. The performances will be held at the all-new Forest Stage within the Ancestral Forest, welcoming minimalist master Terry Riley and many more alongside a soundtrack of soundscapes recorded during the workshop.


But the real highlight of the workshop was getting to know some community members more deeply. At the same time, participants could see another side of The Fields, one where nature takes center stage and the rustling of the trees is the headlining act.


Over the next couple of months, we’ll have more opportunities like this in the run-up to Wonderfruit 2023, giving Wonderers an opportunity to get in The Fields a little earlier while becoming an integral part of putting together the Wonderfruit experience.


Thank you to everyone who joined us over the weekend; it was a special experience and the start of something beautiful.