The Art of Wonder: Design the Wonderfruit water can

1 September 2023 | Wonderfruit

We’re excited to announce an opportunity for designers and creative minds to craft the official water can design for Wonderfruit.


At Wonderfruit, our aim is to build deeper connections with ourselves and nature through meaningful arts and culture. Exploring this relationship is not only a theme at Wonderfruit, but also represents how our ethos interplays with experiences in The Fields. 


This year, we’re inviting Wonderers to creatively interpret this mind-nature connection so that it reflects on the aluminum water cans at Wonderfruit 2023. Contribute to turning our water cans into art—one of the most seen items in the hands of thirsty Wonderers—and build upon the creative and collaborative nature of the event and the artistic visual landscape of Wonderfruit.


Everyone is welcome to join, not just graphic designers; we implore you to think outside the box. Encourage your inner artist to share; we’re giving the chosen designer 4 x 5-Day Full Passes to Wonderfruit 2023.


To get you started, we want to give you some reading material so you can better understand our ethos. We hope it will inspire you and get your creative juices flowing…


  1. Our ethos: Deepening our relationship with mind and nature here
  2. The Declaration of Wonder here
  3. Wonderfruit 2022 Impact Report here

Your design must be delivered on this template and you can upload your design and apply here before Friday 22 September 2023.
The winner will be notified of our decision by 29 September 2023.


Share your designs, explore our ethos and add to the wonder of The Fields.