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Dining at Wonderfruit: Eat a little closer to nature this year

15 October 2022 | Wonderfruit

At Wonderfruit, we encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for mind and nature, and explore art and culture to catalyze growth. We apply this ethos to everything that we do—even food.


We are passionate about what we eat, so at Wonderfruit, we look to reimagine dining in a way that still offers the same great feasts and flavors offered in restaurants around the world but in a more conscious, regenerative and—most importantly—collaborative way. Our collaborative efforts around food include the people that grow it, those who prepare it, those who teach us about its origins, those who guide us in reducing the environmental impact of dining, and you, our community, who enjoy the experience…together.


We believe nothing connects people and culture like food, and we build upon this idea by interplaying nature into the experience. At Wonderfruit, you eat with your feet on the ground and with the stars above you. Unless you’re having lunch, of course, which will happen a little later in the day this year. Both the Theatre of Feasts and Wonder Kitchen will offer lunch and dinner on select days, all conceptualized by our roster of celebrity chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants alongside unsung heroes from our favorite street food haunts.


The result: bespoke and one-of-a-kind culinary experiences that will never be repeated. Get it once, and get it in The Fields.

All the morsels around our eats are coming soon, but for now, get to know our venues and what they offer.


Wonder Feasts


A reimagined Theatre of Feasts will welcome celebrated chefs to collaborate and create new dining experiences in a grand setting for 260 Wonderers. This year, the venue has been redesigned by Ab Rogers to offer the same communal dining experience but broken up into smaller tables in a move meant to encourage camaraderie with your neighbours. Collaborations are the soul of Wonder Feasts this year. Through them, chefs will spotlight ingredients, techniques and creativity while creating a cuisine that is original and sustainable. It also means that these Wonder Feasts are truly one of a kind, in that they will never, ever happen again.


Wonder Kitchen


More intimate eating returns to Wonder Kitchen, where cooks are dreaming up daring new dishes that will feed 40 Wonderers in one up-close-and-personal experience dedicated to the development of flavors and the sharing of culinary knowledge. The result is a more experimental approach to dining where local chefs get a little more playful in their exploration of the culinary traditions surrounding their lineage. Expect a gastronomical adventure through culture, presented as a thrilling one-of-a-kind experience at Wonderfruit. Between courses, you’ll hear the stories that shape the bites on your plate, all set amid the magic of The Fields.