Explore the Moonlight Lounge with SangSom

30 September 2017 | Wonderfruit

Give in to your lunacy at Wonderfruit with Thailand’s favorite rum.

For centuries, scholars, philosophers and shamans have believed in the power of the moon to bring out our wildest natures and its intoxicating invitation to run rampage with the creatures of the night. SangSom is encouraging Wonderers to let loose and give in to the silvery orb at Moonlight Lounge.

Set in a tropical birdcage upcycled from February’s fabulous Wonder Kar and now overgrown with lush foliage, Moonlight Lounge will serve up delicious concoctions as you lounge on traditional triangular Thai cushions, nestled in a grove of bamboo. Soak up the atmosphere as you dangle in a hammock, a rum infused drink in hand and tropical birds overhead.

Come and worship Luna, the ancient Roman goddess of the moon; bathe in her light as you relax at Moonlight Lounge and release your inner lunatic.