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Exploring Wonder through…Nature


Our Ethos


Sunday 2 June

Last Updated

Sunday 2 June

Our Field, our home.

The Fields serve as our setting to bring people closer to Nature, expressed through culture and social rituals. Observing and creating with Nature imparts wisdom and insight that guides and informs us.

Our work is a fun and continuous cycle of growth grounded in circularity and perpetuity. Our imagination speaks with the land, harmonizing thought, ambition and intention to create forms and spaces that enrich the spectacle of life, energy and spirit. 

Enfold and the Earth Rounds within Wonderness are built using earth sourced from within The Fields, also exploring vernacular construction techniques. Where possible, our land shapes our venues in how Unconditional Space takes the shape of the mound it sits upon. 

To design and shape The Fields, we collaborate with architects, designers, landscapers, farmers, forest specialists, musicians, artists, shamans, monks, engineers, and anyone who has a passion, love, and respect for Nature.

The Ancestral Forest, now two years old, is growing up with us. Its roots and networks enrich our soil and soul. 

As we continue to explore through the life and energy these explorations spur, we leave the land better each day while nurturing the innate connection between Nature and Mind.