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Exploring Wonder through…Sound


Our Ethos


Wednesday 29 May

Last Updated

Tuesday 4 June

The Sounds of Wonder.

We explore Sound through nature, culture and mind.

In spaces like Polygon Live, Sound becomes truly immersive, wrapping Wonderers in a 360° dome that engages sight, sound, smell and touch for a uniquely sensorial journey. After years of honing the technology, Polygon Live will be reimagined this year to challenge its capabilities and find new ways to experience spatial sound. 

To recognize the therapeutic potential of Sound and understand its ability to soothe, heal and restore balance, we create spaces where Wonderers can listen to sounds in collaboration with nature. Our ongoing creations with MSCTY allow us to further experiment with the effects on neurology and social interactions to find new awareness and improve our well-being.

Our Molam Village expands again this year to become Molam World Village, bridging unique cultural sounds from near and far and finding connections through these exchanges.

And we celebrate through Sound. We amplify the spirit of a communal gathering across all our venues. Here, we practice the humanistic ritual of dancing, shaping moments of connection and celebration.