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Faceless Tunes Through Day and Night at The Quarry

1 December 2019 | Wonderfruit

Craig Richards, iconic DJ and beat-chaser-in-chief at fabric nightclub in London, is bringing his perfectly-formed curation back to The Quarry this December, with a couple of unheard-of twists.


Collisions, the limitless club night and curation process pioneered by Richards, is a chance for the best to combine their sounds and styles for an evening of musical wonderments and groove-setting selections. The focus is always on the music, the speakers are tuned to perfection, and the vibe is anything but still.


We’re working hard to make sure that Collisions at The Quarry meets the standard of the series, but we’ve added a little Wonderfruit flavor. This time, there won’t be a DJ.


We should clarify. There will be an incredible lineup of DJs from across the world and musical spectrum, and each will play a set to get senses tingling and set bodies ablaze. But, for the first time, you won’t be able to see the DJ. Not only that, but you won’t have any indication of who is playing at any point in the night. Each Collisions artist will do their thing from behind a screen, so you’ll hear every giddying moments, without seeing the look on the DJs face as their selections whip you into a dance frenzy.


But… why?


Collisions is a tailored experience that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the talent of the DJs, producers, and selectors who appear in each edition. But no matter who is behind the decks, the experience is 100% music-driven. It’s the sound, and the way it makes you feel, that matters most.


We want to give every Wonderer who ventures to The Quarry each night the chance to arrive in the moment, trust the lineup, and feel no pressure to attend any specific minute of the evening. Come as you are, enjoy what you hear, and roll on to the morning with something delightful in your ears.


We will give you the daily roster, just in case you do need to plan ahead:
On Friday, Binh, Bobby., and Willow will share sets; on Saturday Craig Richards, DOTT, and Sonja Moonear will be behind the screen; on Sunday Nick the Record, Felix Dickinson, and Powder will give you grooves. Not necessarily in that order…