Let young minds wonder: What to do with kids in The Fields

13 December 2023 | Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit has always been a home for families to discover together. This year, we integrated opportunities for exploration across The Fields, and designed experiences in a way that kids can enjoy them too.


Our hope is for families to discover and learn together.


Here’s a guide to get you started, but don’t let this limit your exploration—there’s so much to discover beyond this list of activities.


But first: did you know that Solar Stage was originally designed to be a children’s play structure? And it still is! Stop by our solar-themed playground and let your little Wonderers play while you get some shade.




16:00: Hit the (jungle) gym

As you enter The Fields, the sun is getting lower and an orange glow fills the sky, making the weather perfect to hit the playground with your little Wonderers. Conveniently located as you walk into Wonderfruit just beyond Wonderness, the Natural Playground is a jungle gym in The Fields and welcomes kids to climb and explore. 


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17:00: While you’re there, zipline around the playground

A zipline for kids near the Natural Playground. Bring your little ones for a zip and a rip. 


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18:00: Shop your heart out at Taste of Wonder

Our village dedicated to shopping, eating and even dancing. This fun and vibrant village beckons little Wonderers to get lost exploring all that these exciting vendors have to offer.


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19:00: Embrace family wellness at the Wonderness Opening Ceremony 

Wonderfruit is the perfect experience to immerse your kids in wellness and try new experiences. Join a yoga class, lay for a sound bath, experience galactic gongs or participate in dancing meditation—the group environment is a favorite for little Wonderers who want to do activities alongside adults too.


Start the introduction to wellness at the Opening Ceremony, which is always a fun field spectacle perfect for families to enjoy together. 


19:30: Swing by Land of Wonder for dinner

Food for kids, made by kids. Lemonade is organic, made using lemons hand-picked farm in Khao Yai, and is simple and delicious. They are also making Thai omelet with eggs from free-range farm rice. 


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10:00: Start your day at The Farm

Head out early and visit our Farm Village and met Maggie—our host pig and in-house compost. You’ll also find an insect hotel, learn about composting and explore our new rice terraces. 


11:00am: Create marble art at Sensory Space

Kids and adults together can create organic marbling patterns on cotton hats and tote bags with Red Keramos Art & Craft studio who teaches various artistic skills to youth and elderly communities in Chonburi. Participants will get to apply colors on water and mix them into unique patterns, which are then transferred onto their fabric object of choice and shown off in the fields.


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12:00: Plant a tree in the Ancestral Forest

For returning families, the Ancestral Forest has grown a lot since you were last in The Fields. Create new memories as a family by planting a tree in the Ancestral Forest, and watch it grow when you return year after year. 


Visit the Ancestral Forest between 10am to 6pm during Wonderfruit 2023 to plant a sapling and a memory. While you’re there, explore through the pathways of indigenous flora and learn how we reforested the area with SUGi.


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14:00: Learn how to make tie-dye and natural dyes at Ancestral Forest

Teach your kids how to tie-dye fabric, allowing them to use imagination in designing the tying patterns. It can feel like you’re creating a magic potion or doing a science experiment. Kids will learn how to make natural dyes you can use for fabric and clothes from household items like food and plants. 


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14:30: Learn how to make and play Sanu Wao Isaan at Molam Village

Featuring Arjan Moo Sanu Sawan, kids can learn the traditional way to make and play Sanu Wao Isaan, creating sound from this almost forgotten instrument of Isaan culture. 


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15:00: Paint the commune bus at WonderOK

Back by popular demand, the OK Live Painting workshop is open to budding artists and designers of all ages and abilities. Colorful, creative and fun, Navin and the studiOK team invite little and big Wonderers to make their artistic mark to define what it means to be OK and illustrate highlights of the Wonderfruit 2023 experience on a wall painting that decorates the famous commune bus.   


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15:00: Explore the magic of mindful hula hooping at Wonderness

Tap into your body’s wisdom and creativity. Participants will learn to embrace the magic of ordinary movements and leave with a new practice. It’s a journey of self-discovery and joy.


15:30: Jason Dhakal at Theatre Pavilion

An easy, breezy, family-friendly performance wrapped in elegant production and smooth synths. Jason’s unique sound offers an impressive array, full of sultry passion rooted in fearlessly speaking, writing and living his own truth.


16:00: Stop by a bakery for a treat

Delight in the artistry of artisan bakery and coffee curated by The Baker, a Tops signature store. Created by experienced master bakers, treat your kids to European-style baked goods with an Asian twist while you enjoy a coffee. 


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17:00 Make a Mandala at Dhyana

Kids, friends and families are invited to collectively contribute towards creating a large floor mandala situated on the eastern gate of the Dhyana space.


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17:00: Head to Solar Village for a Sunset Celebration

The famous celebratory sunset percussion troop of Wonderfruit. This year, they will present a performance with applied Khon tradition, rendering the battleships of giants and monkeys to drum up gathered energies in the fields. 


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20:30: ((( O ))) at Creature Stage

Introduce your kids to a live ambient performance by the Filipino songstress that will spellbind them into live music appreciation and inspire them to experiment with singing themselves. 




10:00: Try a Skate Workshop for Beginners

Located within SOT, Ollie’s Ramp will be at the center of the action. Local skateboarders will be performing and running clinics for anyone interested in learning. These sessions are designed to engage festival-goers and promote the sport within the community. Additionally, talk sessions will be held to discuss the importance of an active lifestyle and the cultural significance of skateboarding.


12:00: Add a little glitter to your kid’s look

WIBWABWUB is a glitter world that specializes in glitter tattoos and body paint. Their services are loved by both children and adults, and they aim to create fun and beauty for families in The Fields. 


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13:00: Learn how to use mud-dye at Indigo World 

Turn red earth from Don Goy village into mud-dye to make a color solely from the dust, water and sun. Bring your old garments (natural fibers only) or get blanks to turn into the peachy orange-pink color in a workshop. 


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14:00: Visit a Farmer’s Market

The Jing Jai Farmers’ Market is one way Central Retail engages with the community by providing an opportunity for local farmers to create a stable income stream by selling their fruit and vegetables, along with other provincial goods, in Central Retail outlets. Bring your kids by so they can savor locally sourced, ready-to-eat fruit and herbal drinks from Jingjai Farmers’ Market. 


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15:00: Make a t-shirt at WonderOK

Navin Rawanchaikul welcomes children and families to share their experiences and connect with the person who receives their t-shirt design. The ultimate goals of the workshop are to help facilities make new connections and friendships and to spread creativity.  


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16:00: Take a dip at Bath House 

If your kids need a dip or even just to slow down for a minute, head to Bath House. Reaching across our natural lake in welcoming pods of gentle bamboo, the Bath House is a place where you can lie down and float in an onsen-style environment and find moments of calm in nature. 


17:00: Discover a breezy blue abode in the Ancestral Forest

Meet Bluesun, Chonburi’s art studio to celebrate the bountiful nature around and create cyanotype prints from forest findings and collectively add to the growing fabric installation as a family. 


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17:30: Alice Rose at Forest Stage

Sit amongst nature for a mesmerizing performance by Alice Rose, a surprising and inspiring Danish musical phenomenon, singer-songwriter, and sound wizz.


18:00 Try an omelette for an early dinner

Head to Village 5 and try RYCE: The Fusion Onigiri. Born from a love for rice balls worldwide, this Thai fusion onigiri shop crafts unique, hand-molded creations.


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19:30: Bottlesmoker at Theatre Pavilion 

Bottlesmoker are an Indonesian band that creates music for plants. They have developed a unique process where they use plants as instruments, allowing the natural responses of the plants to generate melodies and harmonies. This performance is a unique opportunity to show young Wonderers the power of plants. 




10:00: Take an art walk in The Fields

Start your day by taking an art walk through The Fields. Begin at the Ancestral Forest and finish at The Walk; along the way you’ll stumble across so many art installations that your kids can stop and engage with.

We recommend mapping out your art walk in The Fields on the map inside the leaflet and visiting them all throughout your time in The Fields. 

New installations this year include Theater of Images by Hiraki Sawa near The Quarry, The Grower by Dusadee Huntrakul close to Open Kitchen and Under the Tree Tango by ADRUNNOGNT by Creature Stage.


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12:00: Find community and culture at Open Kitchen

A centerpiece in The Fields, Open Kitchen welcomes all for food, workshops, and a community spirit. The welcoming space and marketplace by Auntie Chan bustling with farmers, producers and consumers where people can gather, explore products from various communities, enjoy food, chat and exchange knowledge in a friendly, familial atmosphere. This is the perfect space to get some shade and a bite to eat as a family in its convivial atmosphere—drop by anytime. 


*Visit this venue anytime it’s open for more


13:00: Join a kid-friendly tie-dyeing session at Indigo World 

The kids will teach other kids to do the tie-dye patterns that little ones love. Bears’ Day Out will guide your kids (or adults) to get to know and experience natural dyes. Bring garments and items to dye, or Philip Huang blanks will be available for sale. 


14:00: Congee for the whole family

Charm Jok, the first congee shop in Thailand that gathers a variety of congee flavors from different cultures of different countries. Whether it’s European or Asian flavors, it has been created very special in new ways with complete nutritional value.


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16:00: Take part in a Purifying Smoke Ritual at Dhyana

Tulku Ngawang will perform a Tibetan Buddhist incense offering practice called Riwo Sangcho, a mesmerizing performance to watch for the whole family. Wonderers are invited to make offerings of the five elements (water, air, earth, fire and space) and engage in silent walking meditation.


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16:30: Get moving with a Beach Bum Zumba class

Beach Bum Zumba is a delightful way to improve your fitness and well-being. This workshop incorporates a mix of high and low-intensity moves to enhance flexibility, strength and overall health. Join for an enjoyable and stress-free workout that leaves you feeling invigorated and joyful.


16:30: Catch a unique Thai folk dance show near Sensory Space

Thai Fit Studio turned “Rum Wong” to be more contemporary for modern-day society by adapting Trae Wong’ (a local Thai brass band that has been developed through the use of Western musical instruments. This band’s style has become a source of entertainment to the local communities in Thailand, and is a perfect show to immerse in your family. 


17:30 Rainytoast at Neramit 

One of this year’s Intermisson winner. Settle in for their Wonderfruit debit at Creature Stage. 


18:00: Stars and Rabbit at Theatre Pavilion 

Stars and Rabbit are an Indonesian band known for their dynamic live shows that are filled with energy and emotion, and they’re sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them live—especially little Wonderers. 


19:00 Immerse in Isaan at Molam Village

The beating heart of culture in The Fields. The Molam Bus and Gallery by Jim Thompson Art Center invites big and small Wonderers to connect with the spirit of Molam in new ways: find food, drinks, workshops and an art installation tower in this vibrant village and cultural hub where kids have a unique opportunity to learn about northeastern Thailand. 


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20:00: River Roots at Forest Stage

River Roots’ playful, uplifting vibe is a family-friendly fun. They seamlessly weave between soothing melodies and funky, upbeat, feel-good songs. Their music is influenced by a nomadic lifestyle and the profound experiences and connections made on their travels.